Cage the Image

Today i wore:

So i actually didnt wear those tights today i wore some other ones but i took em off when i got home cuz it was so hot and then i couldnt find them to take a pic so i just wore the ones from yesterday:) Anyway the tops from K-mart surprisingly for $5, Shorts: dads old levis i made into shorts , black boots youve seen b4! Bow tie: actuall a headband from when i was 1, Moms cookie lee pearl necklace 

So its Friday!!! Yay! I made another doll but this one wasnt based on one of drawn designs sorry.

LOve love love, i find this so interesting! Fendi fall/ winter collection

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has my image. Your pobably thinking "what is she talking about, what is she on" (expecially in my other posts) but by image im talking abou what people see of you when you go out. I mean in my classes my image is the quiet girl but when im with my friends im the really annoying loud girl who wont stop talking. My old english teacher ( who i donot like but made good points) was talking about your image and made an example if one day you said something funny in class you would forever be known as the funny guy and if one day you woke up and decided to not talk society wouldnt really let you. If you were usually quiet and you decided to start talking people wouldve already made the connection that you were the quiet person and wouldnt expect you to talk so you dont. When people say in high school image is everything they are true but it carries out after high school too. when you get a new job or start a new school, yes you can be someone different but that different person would have a certain image. My new English teacher was talking about how society also carries an image. Such as in the older days in tv shows a family would have a Mother that stayed home and cooked and clean, a dad you went to work everyday, they would have two kids, a girl and boy, maybe three but it would be a baby, two pets: a cat and a dog. Although the image of that changed and now families vary we still have this one image that we live up to. Although sometimes you dont realize it, we are always positioned in a way we cant control. <3 Thanks for reading!
Btw: Sorry if you have commented and i havnt commented back! I always forget 2 check my comments and when i do it seems too late to reply! So i really do enjoy comments! and ill try to comment back! 8D


  1. i love your collants!!!!


  2. I love the outfit!

  3. LOVED THAT OUTFIT LIKE NO OTHER. like there was no tomorrow. shit loved it



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