Dont Swine

Music: Landon Pigg- Falling in love at a Coffee Shop
love that song and the music video is great!

So I am home sick with... swine flu. yay me. That means no halloween!! i am so mad! and i feel terrible.

least i got this from Jessica! thanx!


-You have to put in a song that makes you happy.-You can tag as many people as you like, there is no limit.- Say at least one thing about each blog you tag, that will make them smile, something nice about their blog that makes you smile when you read it!
there is no such thing as perfect
Chloe in Reality
The Fashion Parade
and i put the song already in my playlist but i just love the music video so much that i'll put it here. Im such a sucker for a little love story.

I love the second outfit the girl has on! ^ the hat is amazing!

W Magazine: Dream Sequence Photographed by Paolo Roversi
1st pic. Chanel Haute Couture 2nd. Left: Balenciaga Blouse and Max Mara wool skirt. Right: Fendi Blouse. 3rd: D&G blouse, Ralph Lauren silk skirt. Lovely Lovely Lovely!!!

My Floating Baloon: Today my balloon has all the illnesses in the world. It coughs as it floats up disapearing into the sky. Obviously this is based on me being sick, but honestly if no one got sick would it really be all that terrible? No cancer, no flu, no nothing. Everybody would just be healthy and live happily ever after. The only thing is that we all have to leave and float up to the sky eventually and without disease i guess it wouldn't happen as often. I guess illness is just something we have to put up with and if we get better then we were supposed  to and if we dont, thats just what life has planned for us. I dont know. I'm super tired! Thanx for reading! <3


I Wonder...

Today I wore:

Me and my messy room hehe. Ok so... Jaket:: in one of my other posts but Wetseal $30 i think, Shirt: American Eagle probably like $10 (it was a gift so im just guessing), Boots again! Everytime i post what im wearing it seems like im always in these boot... i promise i dont wear them everyday!, Belt: Cut up piece of an old pink dress, Skirt: this skirt is probably my favorite thing i own right now! $10 from Tj Max (u should go)

Okydok so sorry ive been so lame on posting and i didnt do my sunday list! I was so very busy Sunday! I saw Rent (the play) and it was fabulously amazing!love the movie, love the play more! And ive had so much homework! Plus Jessica and i are trying to finish a lyrical dance for dance class thats due thursday and we are soo behind!

From the most awesomest person ever and a dedicated follower! Nico!!!!!! Thanx!!! <3

Shoes shoes beautiful shoes the more you have the more you.....something. Anyway amazing shoes by Christian Louboutin! Beautiful, also check out his website its pretty amazing!

Beautiful dress that i would love to have if i could. Herve Leger Fall collection! Great detail

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has wonder. It floats up high wondering why. I really didnt notice how much i wonder about things. Such as whats going to happen next, whats the answer, or going to a new place. When it was summer i was full of wonder about how the new school year was going to be, and i would really know untill it came. Thats kind of my point. Wonder is almost the important step we take to do anything. I wonder what im going to wear tomorrow and that wonderment (word?) turns into me actually getting up and picking something out. Same with school, you wonder why so and so happened in the equation untill you put your hand up and ask the question and the teacher answers it. However there are things in life that we wonder that we may never get the answer for. In a way though, thats almost a good thing. It keeps us hoping for something, something new and exciting. If we knew everything there would be no wonder, no thought of anything else then what we were doing at that moment. I dont know about you but i really dont want a world like that. I know, kind of pointless post, just me rambling, oh well! Thanx for reading anyway! <3


Music is the Link

Music: Regina Spektor- Eet. This song inspires me so much for a lyrical dance!
 i wore:

Dress: Ross $10, Black short boots: crossroads $10, Vest: FREE! It was a jacket then i cut the sleeves of and put holes in it and cut the edges, you cant see all the details in the pic sorry! And my new glasses!

Love the line for Volcom! What Happened to Melody Malone?

So the reason i didnt write last night was because  i was at the homecoming football game. We lost. 34 to 6. So sad!
My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has music. I listen as it floats up leaving the world with the loudest thing of all. Silence. Have you ever noticed silence is so very very loud? Because i have. Especially at night or when your in the car and all you can hear is the wind hitting the open window. Music doesnt just drown out silence it also inpires me. I think it does that a lot with everybody though. When i put on and inpiring song it makes me want to write. Either write a story, or even another song. It makes me want to be creative. It does so much! When i need to clean my room or the house i just blast my favorite music and it helps me along. I think music is the conection we have between each other and between the things we want to hide. The things that your too scared to say or think, someone else has used their voice and passion to create something you can relate to. Music is the link to our emotions from feeling happy to sad, depressed or inspired, and helps us find the people that carry the same feelings and love the same music as you. Music is basically the link.


Race for Time

Today i wore:

Same top as one of my first posts- Repeat Boutique $1, Roxy White and Metalic belt: $4, Black Pencil Skirt: Free from neighbor (i would tell you the brand but the tag was taken off sorry =P )

Balmain runway look! First saw it in the Sunday paper in the Image section and i almost died! That jacket is...theres no words! im in love with it, and i know i say that about a lot of things but right now i mean it! All the details are just out of this world.

PPQ's first line for Adidas! So great! Love those lace ups ^ and the stripes are just fantastic! (btw-from nylon mag)

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has time. Everything freezes confused and not knowing what to do. It seems as though time is the ultimate thing in life. It controls everything. Think about, you only have 24 hours each day to complete the things you need completed, not even 24 hours, or you have to wait for the next day to come. Its as if we are all in this "race for time" as people say, all the time! Sometimes it seems like time even plays favorites. Like you could be on its bad side or something. I mean, when you want time to speed up it slows down, or when you want more time it doesnt oblige to that. I guess its all in the mind, for that example but at times it seems so. If time disapeared it really couldnt. Without time we would be a mess, not knowing where to go, when to do it. Time is the way people interact and the way we know what to do. Its just at times (haha) it seems like time is never on your side. I guess you just got to remember then, time is not an actual person and doesnt pick sides! <3 Thanks for reading!


Fascination Procrastination

Music: Noah and the Whale! love them! playlist!
Today I wore:

So in the 1st picture the camera had fallen and while it was falling it took this picture and i absolutly love it! ok so Top: TJ max on sale for like $5 Skirt: Wet Seal $9 (i dont know if you can see but there is a cute bow in the front!) Tights: Random drug store again! Obviously you can see buy im also wearing black mary janes from urban outfitters: 2 for 20

Ok now getting into some real fashion...

Ok is this picture everything and more? YES! I absolutly adore this picture! It is from V Magazine and i dont even now what to say... the picture to the left looks almost like a sketch its just AMAZING!

This dress makes my heart skip a beat. Roberto Cavalli! I am in love with everything that is Roverto Cavalli! This is from an article in W magazine called Art Spree i think...ya anyway check it theres an amazing pair of great Dolce and Gabanna heels! heres the link.... 

Beautiful Alberto Ferreti runway look! going with the artsy feel i think todays blog is going towards. heres another gorgeous dress by him

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has all the things i have procratinated on. The balloon slowly foats up heavy and tired carrying everything. Tonight especially i noticed how much i procrastinate, especially with homework. That's the reason i didnt do a blog entry, because i had to finish reading a long chapter in my english book and in my World text book when i had all weekend to do it! What would happen if everybody stopped procrastinating and just get it done right then and their. I personally think the world would be a much better place. Its not just with homework though, its with everything! Like when you tell your friend you'll do something and then dont feel like it later. Its even more then that. Procrastination leads to never. Think about it. Say you hold something for later but something else comes up then you never really do it at all. If you just did it then and there, then that voice in the back of your head wouldnt be nagging you reminding you that you need to do something, not letting you enjoy what you are doing at that moment, and eventually making you feel bad because you never did it. That happens to me constantly! And its not as if i learn my lesson or anything. In the moment i dont want to do it and saving it for the future seems great, the bad thing is that the future does come and then you are forced to face it, with less time than you had before! Lesson: Dont procrastinate! <3 Thanks for reading! 10 Followers, i <3 each one of you!!!


Preparing for Life

Its that day again! 1. Paul Smith skirt i really really want! its so amazing looking i love it! 2. Beautiful fendi dress 3. Leopard jacket from Forever 21 i wat a leopard jacket so much! 4. Paper tows by john green, i heard this is a great book and i need to read it, 5. Just Cavalli dress, beautiful. 6. Blumarine yellow trenchcoat!

So i fell in love with Paul Smith! especially Paul by Paul Smith! I love these clothes!!! So here are some looks from the website but im so mad because all the amazing clothes are not for America!!!!!

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has all the preparations for the future. I mean it seems like in our whole life time we are preparing for something. In elementary school we prepare for middle school, in middle school we prepare for high school, in high school we prepare for college, in college we prepare for a job, and when we have a job we're preparing for promotion or retirement, and then we just prepare for death. Its sad really, what if we just stop preparing and just live? I honestly dont think we can just stop though. In order to live in this life time we need a job and we need school and we need to prepare for the things that we need to get in life. I guess what we really have to learn to do is stop once in a while and look around us and just take a break, for even a second just catch our barrings and let life take us. <3 Thanks for reading!


Inside all of us is Fear

Music: Im in love with this song by The Arcade Fire called Wake Up, (added to my playlist) its in the trailer for where the wild things are! Which by the way i really really really want to see! It looks so amazingly cute and inspirational! So heres the poster for it:

"Inside all of us is hope, inside all of us is fear, inside all of us is adventure, inside all of us is a WILD THING"
So heres an ad for Stell Mccartney, kind of going with the theme of wild thing...

I know its Bambie and totally different then where the wild things are but i love this! and the dress is amazing!

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has all my fear. I skip away leaving it to float up to the sky, never looking back. I really don't know if not having fear would be any better then having it, but at times it seems as if it would. Fear is what keeps me from doing some of the most amazing things in the world. I hate to quote a chick flick but here i go "the things you're afraid of are usually the most worthwhile."- Chasing Liberty. Its true though! Its kind of like when you want to ask someone out but your too scared, you dont realize that maybe that person is the person your supposed to end up with, your soul mate or whatever. Or if your too scared to learn how to do something like surfing for an example, what if surfing is the one thing that your amazingly good at, or the one thing that your supposed to end up doing. Another example is sky diving, yes when you say what it is or write it on paper it may seem like the scariest thing on earth but when you actually do it and your flying through the air and your feet hit the ground you might see how amazing it felt, or how you just want to do it again. Fear is the thing that stops us in our tracks from doing something amazingly stupid but so amazingly amazing. It could be argued though that without fear and without that little voice in your head saying "what the heck are you about to do?" you could end up doing something crazy and horrible. I guess theres an up side and a down side of fear, really i guess its up to you to decide if you think its a time to be fearless or fearful. <3 Thanks for reading!


Cage the Image

Today i wore:

So i actually didnt wear those tights today i wore some other ones but i took em off when i got home cuz it was so hot and then i couldnt find them to take a pic so i just wore the ones from yesterday:) Anyway the tops from K-mart surprisingly for $5, Shorts: dads old levis i made into shorts , black boots youve seen b4! Bow tie: actuall a headband from when i was 1, Moms cookie lee pearl necklace 

So its Friday!!! Yay! I made another doll but this one wasnt based on one of drawn designs sorry.

LOve love love, i find this so interesting! Fendi fall/ winter collection

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has my image. Your pobably thinking "what is she talking about, what is she on" (expecially in my other posts) but by image im talking abou what people see of you when you go out. I mean in my classes my image is the quiet girl but when im with my friends im the really annoying loud girl who wont stop talking. My old english teacher ( who i donot like but made good points) was talking about your image and made an example if one day you said something funny in class you would forever be known as the funny guy and if one day you woke up and decided to not talk society wouldnt really let you. If you were usually quiet and you decided to start talking people wouldve already made the connection that you were the quiet person and wouldnt expect you to talk so you dont. When people say in high school image is everything they are true but it carries out after high school too. when you get a new job or start a new school, yes you can be someone different but that different person would have a certain image. My new English teacher was talking about how society also carries an image. Such as in the older days in tv shows a family would have a Mother that stayed home and cooked and clean, a dad you went to work everyday, they would have two kids, a girl and boy, maybe three but it would be a baby, two pets: a cat and a dog. Although the image of that changed and now families vary we still have this one image that we live up to. Although sometimes you dont realize it, we are always positioned in a way we cant control. <3 Thanks for reading!
Btw: Sorry if you have commented and i havnt commented back! I always forget 2 check my comments and when i do it seems too late to reply! So i really do enjoy comments! and ill try to comment back! 8D


Dreams Unite

I have Mika songs in my head! especially "We are golden" so i think im gonna put that in my player! I loved when this song was in the Make it or Break it finale! Now its on the Degrassi commercials.
Hats ive made:

Sorry theres so many pictures! i just couldnt choose the one i liked the best so i put em all up! Anyway i made thes a while ago and they have been hanging on my wall. The first two started with a straw hat from michaels and i just stapled feathers and felt on it! The first one has one of our old christmas decorations we would put it under the tree! I just layed it on the hat and circled it so it would look as if there was a flower almost on it. The last one i made out of an old cardboard box. I cut a strip and then stapled felt on. (glue wouldnt make it stay) Next time i make another hat ill do a step by step thing!

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has all my dreams, and im not talking about my hopes and stuff, just my dreams. Everynight when my head hits the pillow i think of a story i want to be told as i fall asleep. I think of the people and what they are saying and whats happening and hope that maybe that night my dreams will finish it. But somehow my mind takes me somewhere else to a story i wouldve never thought of myself...and yet i did. It's weird how you cant controll dreams. At times i wish i could and other times im glad i cant. Dreams inspire me to write. A few times i have dreamt something and have actually used it in my book. To me dreams are the common connection everybody has. Think about it, i'm sure we all have dreamt something that has made us wonder why. Or maybe something that you really wish you hadnt dreamt. Or even someone in the dream you never thought would be in it but somehow is. I think dreams are the closest thing we have to a fairy tale or to magic. I think thats why i love dreams so much! <3 Thanks for reading!


The Glass is Half__ (Fill in Blank)_____

(Note: New picture in heading! ^^^^^^^^^
Today I wore:

Another D&G reference! This one i couldnt find online so i took a pic of it from my wall (as you can see by the flash) This dress inspired me for my outfit i wore today! ^ Dress: Urban Outfitters $9, Tights: Drug store :) $1, Boots: Crossroads Trading $10

Its raining again! I love the RAIN! And in honor of how much i love the rain here is Audrey Hepburn (who i also love) with an umbrella. Today i rode my bike to school and it was pouring out! I got totally soaked but it was fine because i love the rain! 
My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has all the bad stuff we feel. We all cheer as they all go away. If i could only feel happy and look at life in a glass half full kind of way, maybe life, actually life would seem way more grand. I constantly look at life through a pessimistic point of view and thats just not good! I honestly don't think im the only one though! Although we put on a fake facad at school or work deep down inside i think all of us have a little doubt of whats going to happen or what we want to happen. The thing is although sometimes we don't realize it we really do have a choice of if we are going to be optimistic that day or not. Theres always going to be that bad stuff in our life like our past, or the present or looking into tomorrow, that we just cant control. The thing is you can control how you look at that bad stuff and somehow turn the other cheek or just turn it into something good.Thats my lesson for today! <3 Thanks for reading!