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Long time no post ya? Sorry! lets get to it....

Music: Cousins by Vampire Weekend (new album out yay!)

What i wore, and didnt  wear but put on:


1st: scarf $5 walmart, sweater dress $9 Ross, belt $free, boots $15 target.
2nd: tank top $5 walmart, jacket $35 wetseal, cut shorts (old jeans) $10 papaya, belt: $free, boots (moms) $5 urban (black friday steal)
3rd: Jacket $20 crush, shirt $1 99cents store, belt $1 roxy outlet, white jeans $? christmas, necklaces $? made em
4th: sweater dress again, dior skirt $? moms closet, belt $free, boots again

(wmagazine.com) Field of Dreams spread in W mag. Photographed by Mario Sorrenti. Love the leather boustier (Blousn Noir) in the first picture. The leather shorts are incredible in the 2nd picture (Yves Saint Laurent) and the Balenciaga boots in both 2 and 3!!!! ah! want them <3 love balenciaga too much! and the leather shorts in the last one, the color is lovely (Alexander Wang) the ties and the color give it this jungle (not really) african look to it.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has another quote! i know sorry i'll start making the qoutes and the balloon seperate but im in a rush for time right now! So here. "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." -Walt Disney 


Cat in the Hat

hey guys! quick post b4 i go sleepy :D i havent posted in what seems to me forever!!! its only bn a few days but still!

Its been raining really hard!!!! and sooo windy! yesterday there was a tornado watch here in orange county!!!! QUE? but it passed, but its crazy cuz its flooding! especially yesterday! in a few cities near me people actually had their little boats and surf boards and where getting around!!!! What is this? Anyway, im just glad i got my new boots! perfect timing!!! :D

what i wore in this cold rainy weather:

sweater: urban $5 back friday steal, jeans: roxy $15 (outlet) belt: free from friend, boots; target $15

i want these!!! f21. *sigh* im beginning to think i have a shoe obsession. I used to have a purse obsession, but then i got the most amazing Sharif bag and have been using it since the beginning of the school year, so i guess i just needed a new obsession. now its with shoes. boots especially. but these i need! i really do! the black short boots i have now...the heel is in a broken unfixable state!!!

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has a short quote. Because i am very very tired and dont feel like being all inspirational speaky so here gos "“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. You are the guy who'll decide where to go.” -Dr. Seuss <3 thanx for reading


Avant garde love

Amazing Hair: avant garde

Darian Bishop

Nicholas French

Lina Shamoun

These are pictures from NAHA which are hairstylist awards. Its is amazing how these hairstylists used hair to create these amazing pieces of art. I love the authenticity of the first stylist. the colors of the black and bronze make it look almost rustic or old fashion. The second stylists first picture almost gives an idea of wings wich is just beautiful! and i love how the last stylist uses different shapes for each one and its all cut very perfectlyl.

New Boots!

yay target! I thought they were $30 when i found em randomly in an isle and then we went up to get them and they were half off!! $15 for my new favorite pair of boots!!!!!

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has the one person you can count on no matter what. You may have many people like that, and some might not even have one. I know i can count on my friends, especially my best ones, but the one person who i am lucky enough to say i can always count on is my mother. I know it sounds cheasy but its true. She one of my best friends, which is not very common for a teenager to say. She is always there when i need to talk about school or friends and she can always tell me straight forward, without missing a beat,  what the hell my problem is! haha. and luckily she also has a great sense of fashion so whenever i walk out my door i can count on her telling me whether or not i can go out the door. For almost my whole life its just been the too of us which is why i think we are so close. Having a person like that is important and i hope everybody does at somepoint in there life. <3 Thanx for reading!


Life Life Life

Music: Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison (Such a classic happy feel good song!)

Today i wore:

Jacket: thrift $15 (too much for used, but it came with cool vest so its all good), leggings $?, converse high tops: $18 jcpenny haha, belt: freeee

Quote of post: "To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else."

- Emily Dickinson

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has an excert from the book i started writing. Some stuff about life.... “Life goes on” is an expression I here often whether by teachers, my mother, or my friends. What I don’t understand is why we use it. Yes life goes on, but at some point it leaves us, our mouth open on the side of the road as it drives away. Life goes on, and on, and on, leaving us in the dust. whether it decides to keep me for the ride a little longer or ditch me for some new life form is up to it. I am left in the dark, awaiting its approval to move forward. As I sit on the floor of my room facing the wall, covered floor to ceiling in magazine cut-outs of faces I wish I had and people I want to be, I realize that life put me here for a reason. Disregarding your feelings toward religion God or no God in you opinion, life ultimately is why we are here, to stay on its path guided by itself. I have this face for a reason, I am myself because I should be. I know what I know because of who I am..... (wait for more! maybe i'll get it published! a girl can dream cant she?) <3 Thanks for reading!


Stop the Change...or keep going....dont listen to me. i see how it is

I wore: (photoshoot with myself)

Lace Blouse: American Cancer Society $2 dolla, Skirt: Tj max (u should go) $9, Shoes: Urban $5


Love both of the jackets she is wearing. The first one is Mulberry and second is Pollini. Pictures from Teen Vogue. I dont read teen vogues as much as i do bazaar and W, but i do like looking in it to get ideas for outfits i can actually consider wearing.

Quote of Post: “We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance.” -Harrison Ford

My floating Balloon: Today my balloon has change. The thing with Change is that it comes around in moments you don’t even expect. It rarely gives you prior notice, it just happens. Sometimes you don’t truly think that change is occurring when it does. The simple movement is change. But it is not the simple movements that we dwell on, it is the giant actions that make us stop in our tracks and either embrace the change or crawl up and cry. Another deal with Change is that sometimes it doesn’t stick around too long. Things that once changed, change again. Sometimes totally different, and sometimes back to how it once was. Change is just very confusing and hard i suppose. <3 Thanks for reading.


Imagine me Little

Music: Weezer- I want you to. (with all the random bands and music i like and while i differ all the times in my music choice... i will still always love Weezer. you just cant beat em.!. and this song puts me in a good mood so alls good :)

finally scanned those sketches! yay heres some only some but there enough!


so basically i did everything in a evening gown sort of deal and a close twin in a sort of cocktail dress...well not really more just a shorter version, with some twists in each.

i wore:

Hokay so i think im gonna do a quote of the post dealy-oh every post! new thing...may not last lets just see shall we?

mk sorry you cant see the outfit that swell :D dress: moms closet,  boots; moms (urban black friday score) $5, scarf: walmart $5, black belt you cant see: free from somebody... gold bracelet you also cant see: neighbors

quote of post: "Imagination rules the world" - Napolean Bonaparte

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has our minds and our imagination. It floats up to the sky dreaming its a bird flying through the air or a rocket heading to space. I feel as we get older the world or just society takes our imagination from us. When you were little and you said that you were pretending you were a superstar rocking out on stage, people would think you were cute and your friends would ask to join. Now if you tell someone that (maybe not that exactly) people would look at you weird. Now its as if imagination is just a far past memory only to stay in the back of your scrapbook behind the memories of you at your first dance or date, or whatever. People always want to grow up but i have a hard time seeing the perks. Job. rent. insurance. all work and no play. Is it so weird to just want to go home from a long day at school and play barbies or play resturant with my bff like the olden days? Growing up is growing up and believe me i know its going to happen whether i like it or not, i just wish my imagination would be able to be let free out of the jail cell in my mind guarded by the world of boy troubles, periods, and homework. in a perfect world i would say that im going to stop listening to everybody around me and just do what i want to do and not care about what people think. But i just cant do that. so instead i shall complain to you guys :D <3 Thanks for reading!


the friendliest of friends

over the weekend  i wore: (jumping pictures! eeh!)

it took many tries to get these...self timer is hard! haha oxford cotton button up: $1 repeat boutique, black shorts: forever21 $18 (ah too much!) wannabe oxfords: payless (repeat!) belt: free from random person

hokay so i really need to be doing my hw right now but i just took a break cuz im not used to so much brain work! 2 weeks away without needing to know what the difference between endergonic and exergonic is and who restored unity of old roman empire (justinian by the way). Anyway school=icky!

Viktor and Rolf. Ok although unwearable to an average person these are just simply (but totally not simple) amazing! i love how these seem to go against...you know GRAVITY! especially the 2nd one. While cut and torn the tulle on the dresses still looks perfect. The fourth one is my favorite though. simpler then the rest it still is stunning and im just a sucker for yellow!

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has friends. They laugh and cheer as the go up waving at you. Friends are the greatest (no shiz). Although i do like to spend time alone i sometimes forget how much i truly love my friends. these past 2 weeks i hardly saw my friends from school,  but when i came back, after some long awaited hugs we were back to our old swing of things as if we were never away from each other, laughing at all our inside jokes and making fun of each other, it was like old times. Friends are like family (as the saying goes...or something like that) and sometimes you need them even more then family at times. When you have the right friends you are just content and happy and know you can tell em anything and they will get it. Without friends i ultimately think the world wouldnt be the same. So value them...and stuff! Hehe <3 thanx for reading!