Movie Quotes

Music: Lift Me Up - French Films

What I Wore:

Button Up: Ross $7
Sweater: Marshalls $15
Shorts: Moms old pants
Tights: 99cent store
Boots: Old Navy $19
Necklace: F21 $3
Bracelet: Aunts

Today wasn't the best outfit day but I really needed to post! It was super cold today and i really wanted to wear a sweater. Inspired by alexa chung, i put a collared shirt under and wore my hair loose and messy.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has movies! On rainy days like this, all i want to do is hide under my covers and put on a good flick to watch! I love watching movies, and especially when i find a wonderful one, because its just kind of fun to be in a whole other world for a portion of time, consumed with what the characters are going to do next, just like a good book, except you get to actually see what everything is rather visualize it yourself. My favorite movies are the ones with really good lines or narration with good messages about.... anything.

here are some lines from my favorite movies: hehe


Lust for Life

Music: lust for life by girls

i love this song. I can relate so much to it. I also love the music video. I love these types of music videos (and commercials) that shows the sunset and flowers and people just having fun. Aww life. what a wonderful thing.

What I Wore:

Dress: TJ Max $30
Boots: UO $15
Vest: Forever 21 $17

i originally wore this with my wedged sandals and no vest, but because it is fall and colder i decided to wear boots.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has being crazy. We all need to sometimes stop being so serious and just jump around, listen to music, and do something totally stupid.

here's to being crazy!


Mr. Polite

by The Jungle Giants.

What I wore:

Dress: Ross? Childhood dress
Shoes: UO $20
Black Tights: 99 cent store
olive tights: F21 $5
Jacket: moms closet
unicorn necklace: f21
Lip stick: Rite Aid $1

I had to put dark tights on under these tights because without them you wouldn't be able to see the color as well.

So it has been freezing here! I'm in love with it! I love the cold. You get to wrap yourself up in blankets and jackets and just chill :) It was raining yesterday and It was so pretty i just wanted to stay in bed and watch through my window. However i had to work so that wasn't possible :(

This thursday is the Ra Ra Riot concert! i got my friend and i tickets for her birthday and i'm super super excited. I hope to meet many many friendly hipsters there. And maybe even my soul mate. Okay okay. I know. Chances are very unlikely but hey! a girl can dream.

speaking of which...

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has your soulmate. Its hard to imagine that there is one person out there in the world that you are supposed to be with, which is why a lot of people dont believe in soulmates. I'm not sure i believe in them myself. I do believe that there is a person that you will find who makes you happy, girl or boy, they are going to make you smile, frown, laugh, and cry, and I think that, even if you don't spend the rest of your life with them, they will share with you a time that makes you look back and smile. Even if you have multiple people in your life, a person who you can share a passion and love for will come and grace you with their presence and even if you don't realize at that moment that the time you are sharing is an incredible force, you will find yourself happy and content and really thats all anyone strives for. I strive to find someone  who makes me happy and therefore content. Passion and love are just icing on the cake. I've made pointless lists in my mind of the perfect guy for me, but really when he walks into my life and i light up and smile, that is all that really counts.



Music: Dead Hearts by Stars

This song was in the Like Crazy trailer with Anton Yelchin and I thought it was pretty :)

So long time no post yes? How are you? A lot has been happening in my life like.........

Yeah.... so not that much :) A lot of little things like.... (ready for a rant?) I've been feeling a little clumsy lately. For example at work the other day i slipped and fell right on my knees! It was ver embarassing. I yelled (and excuse my french) "SHIT!" really loud and a customer looked at me all weird and didnt even ask if i was okay! How rude right? Maybe he was surprised at my language. I dont really know. Then only a few minutes later i was putting away some baskets when somehow i managed to scrape my hand and suddenly i was bleeding very very much. Hehe. Today, i was sitting in design craft when i reached over to grab something and i fell right off my stool. The whole class started laughing and lets just say it wasn't my finest moment.... I never know what to do in those awkward situations when you know....you fall and it really hurts and people laugh but then they ask if your okay and you just say yes....I try to avoid eye contact because i really don't want to look fazed by the event. Hehe. ANYWAY. Besides my tripping and injuries basically its been a normal few weeks just working and such.

So here is
What I Wore:

Hat: UO $10
Shorts: Salvation Army $3
Top: F21 $5
Jacket: Aunts
Shoes: Salvation Army $3
Bag: Repeat Boutique $? i'm guessing 10 or something.

Has anyone been watching Pan Am? I'm super obsessed with it right now! Everytime I watch it i get  entranced in what they are wearing. I love styles from back then. They were so classic and chic. 
My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has anger. It shakes its fist at the world and yells at the top of its long, slowly becoming less and less audible as it floats up. We often fall back on our anger when we are upset and let the rage of our feelings escape through hurtful words and loud noises that we can never take back. We forget, getting caught up in the moment, that once something is said and is out of your mouth there is no way to take it back. Words you say when you are angry or confused or frustrated may not exactly be the words that you would use a few minutes later when you collect your thoughts and become clear in mind. We must all remember to think before we speak and hopefully others will understand and be forgiving when the words our pointed at them and the owner comes back with an apology. We are all human and we all get angry sometimes. Hopefully we can all remember that. <3 Thanks for reading.