Music: Dead Hearts by Stars

This song was in the Like Crazy trailer with Anton Yelchin and I thought it was pretty :)

So long time no post yes? How are you? A lot has been happening in my life like.........

Yeah.... so not that much :) A lot of little things like.... (ready for a rant?) I've been feeling a little clumsy lately. For example at work the other day i slipped and fell right on my knees! It was ver embarassing. I yelled (and excuse my french) "SHIT!" really loud and a customer looked at me all weird and didnt even ask if i was okay! How rude right? Maybe he was surprised at my language. I dont really know. Then only a few minutes later i was putting away some baskets when somehow i managed to scrape my hand and suddenly i was bleeding very very much. Hehe. Today, i was sitting in design craft when i reached over to grab something and i fell right off my stool. The whole class started laughing and lets just say it wasn't my finest moment.... I never know what to do in those awkward situations when you know....you fall and it really hurts and people laugh but then they ask if your okay and you just say yes....I try to avoid eye contact because i really don't want to look fazed by the event. Hehe. ANYWAY. Besides my tripping and injuries basically its been a normal few weeks just working and such.

So here is
What I Wore:

Hat: UO $10
Shorts: Salvation Army $3
Top: F21 $5
Jacket: Aunts
Shoes: Salvation Army $3
Bag: Repeat Boutique $? i'm guessing 10 or something.

Has anyone been watching Pan Am? I'm super obsessed with it right now! Everytime I watch it i get  entranced in what they are wearing. I love styles from back then. They were so classic and chic. 
My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has anger. It shakes its fist at the world and yells at the top of its long, slowly becoming less and less audible as it floats up. We often fall back on our anger when we are upset and let the rage of our feelings escape through hurtful words and loud noises that we can never take back. We forget, getting caught up in the moment, that once something is said and is out of your mouth there is no way to take it back. Words you say when you are angry or confused or frustrated may not exactly be the words that you would use a few minutes later when you collect your thoughts and become clear in mind. We must all remember to think before we speak and hopefully others will understand and be forgiving when the words our pointed at them and the owner comes back with an apology. We are all human and we all get angry sometimes. Hopefully we can all remember that. <3 Thanks for reading. 


  1. leopard print and denim shorts will forever be amazing! you look great gurrrrl!

    xo zebra and meerkat

  2. very cute! we love your jacket so much!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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  3. Thanks so much for your lovely comment!
    I'd be happy if you follow me!


  4. What a great photos, they inspire us!
    You have a great blog too:)

    Come and check out our blog too and share your though;)

    H&C from Amsterdam

  5. ooh i also watched the like crazy trailer, i really want to seee it!! Loove your outfit, awesome jacket and the hat is perfect!

  6. AH YOU ARE SO FIERCE. That jacket is great and eeek, I LOVE THAT HAT. Floppy hats make life so much better.

    And I agree with your floating balloon. Anger is so dangerous. And so unnecessary. I never understood people who hold grudges; life is too short for angry thoughts and words.



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