Adversity Diversity University

Music: Adversity by Beach Fossils

What I wore: 

Top: Moms closet
Sweater: Neighbors
Shorts: Moms closet
Boots: Target

It is winter time which of course means a new hair color :) I wonder if I will ever make up my mind... BLONDE or BROWN. In these pictures it still looks a little blonde. Yay
HOLLY MOLLY is it winter already! 6 more months and i'll be college bound...hopefully ;) Moved away and on my own.... sorta. I plan to stick around California for a while even the OC maybe. My friends and I are planning a road trip together around California and see all the places we've never seen living in Orange county. It's amazing how you could live in a place for so long and never really see all of it. You know? So places we want to see:
Carrizo Plain
Santa Monica
Venice beach
Santa Barbara
San Francisco
and much much more! 

After that I hope to be attending the Art Institute if everything works out as planned. In fact I even sent a dress in for a scholarship

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has diversity. Being different is often seen as a bad thing but hey! it's a great thing! Everyone is different so lets all embrace it shall we! I see it the most right now probably because i'm in high school, the kids who are all crazy and different and those other kids who all look the same and laugh at those crazy and different. I guess I would like to live in a world without those judgmental people but then again, if there wasn't any I guess I wouldn't know how great being different is and who I would want to hang out with! Anywhoo i thought i would touch on this because I see it so much, living in Newport Beach CA and all. Embrace your individuality and be different!


Welcome to the New Year

Music: Vanished by Crystal Castles

I know I'm a little late, but I decided I should welcome the New Year by glancing back a little at the many outfits I've worn and posted on this blog. And what better way to do it then make a video with all the pictures I used and didn't use and speed them up to a fast pace song by crystal castles!




MUSIC! Penobska Oakwalk by Quilt

What I Wore: 

Dress: Urban
Scarf: H&M
Shoes: Converse?
Jacket: Kohls
Ring: H&M

Its so funny wearing that scarf on my head today.... I got so many weird looks. Ahh, living in Newport Beach. 
I can't wait till next year to be in a different environment!...HOPEFULLY!

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has these lovely photos i took of chris owens from girls.