I wana soak up the sun, got my 45 on so i can rock on!!!

-Sheryl Crow

Music: Feist- I feel it all

AHHHH!!!! Summer is almost over, which means SCHOOL! eep. The only thing I like about summer ending is i can finally wear those school clothes I got about a month ago and have been trying not to wear! its been very difficult!!!

Fun with my balloon:

I think i might use one of these as the picture for the heading. I'm not sure yet, but if you hop on to this blog and see the heading is one of these...then well i decided for it :D

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has expectations. I am going into the school year with 6 new pairs of schoes i didn't need, a blue streak in my hair, a few extra pounds of love on me, and low expectations of the year. However, sometimes it is good to have low expectations to me, then when things come your way you are overcome with joy/sadness/other emotions, that you never expected and cherish them that much more. On the other hand though, sometimes expectations are good to have, almost like a goal that sets everything in motion. Without them you are just riding out time without any form of possibility of what could happen. With that in mind i decided to create a School Year Resolution List:

Here we go...

1. Do yoga/ pilates once a day to work on my center (ur welcome Ms. Simmons), balance, breathing, and strength
2. Wear all of the clothes in my closet at least once this year, minus my coat that i  plan to wear in new york during winter in my dreams.
3. Dance my a** off, which i will have to do anyway. 5 classes a week not including dance at school. Blehhh
4. Get all A's (i count AP B's as A's!)
5. Try not to cry as i do my AP US History homework
6. Make at least 2 new friends
7.  Talk to one of the following people rhi and i gave nicknames to from  a far : Buddy Holly Guy, Nice Kid, Making Friends, Devon, Jesus, Robert, Folds, Bryson, Jim Morrison.....thats all i can remember....

So there you go. My expectations for this year. What are yours?

PS: Click THIS LINK and read a short story i wrote and rate 5 ***** so it can get in the magazine :) thanks a bunch!!!


You are so nice in everything that you do

Music: Love of an Orchestra by Noah and the Whale


Top: H&M $5
Boots: H&M $24
Rings: H&M $5
Shorts: Walmart
Bangle: Forgot :P
Gold bracelet: Kohls $3
Bag: My childhood

Im getting so sick of that stupid date! But im too lazy to take it off.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has a short story i wrote. One of many quick writes :) If you like it click this link and give it 5 stars so that it can end up in the magazine.(it sounds a little odd when you read it, but thats how i wanted it to sound)
His hand in mine. “How does that feel?”

“It feels nice”

His arms around me. “How does this feel”

“It feels nice”

His lips parted on mine. “How did that feel?”

“It felt nice”

You are so nice. In everything that you do. I wouldn’t want to be with anyone but you. Trust me it is true. When you ask me the questions about how I feel, I become conscious and scared and I search for the words to help me describe it best. But I cannot find the words, and I think I know why. I think it is because no words can describe the feeling I get when I am with you.

So instead of searching for the right words to say, I mumble a simple phrase “It feels nice.”
And I know what you think when I repeat the same words, “Am I doing something wrong?” But you are so nice, and no nothing is wrong. It is nice. It is perfect. Exactly like you.

But I know these words are not enough, because at one point I almost lost you. These cursed words that come to my brain almost made you leave me in pain. Away from me. Angry. But you could never be too angry. Because you are so nice.

“How are you feeling today?” You asked, leaving a tender kiss on my head.

“I feel nice.” I whispered, looking down at my hands, and you became so mad.

“Am I doing something wrong? I just can’t understand” you said, pleasantry gone , leaving only annoyance instead.

“Nothing is wrong, how could you think that at all?” I questioned confused. But I knew exactly how you could think that at all. These words in my head were terrible things. Nice. It’s not enough. But it is all I can say.

“I can’t get close enough to you.” you said sternly and distraught “All you ever say is nice. I am nice. You are nice. Our kisses are nice. Is nothing good enough for you!” You yelled. It wasn’t a horrible yell, don’t let my words and exclamations confound you. You were gentle, sweet and kind. You were nice.

“Don’t you see” I put my hand on your cheek to calm you down. Your warm skin was entrancing
“You are nice. Your touch is nice. Your kisses are nice. Nice to me is perfect to you.” I took my hand away, and with all my might I hoped that you would stay. And you did. Because you are so nice.

So then you knew. You knew you were nice to me. So, well, am I nice to you?


A Little Bit of Everything

^ how i pictured my posts

MUSIC: Naiive by the Kooks

Pictures taken a while ago. 1st me 2nd my friend taylor :) A wonderful day at the park!

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has everything. All that we love. All that we hate. All that we have no opinion about. All the things that we never get to see and may never see. All the places that we have never been to. All the peoples faces that you may never get to meet. Everything. Try to go out and find some everything that you have never met/seen/been to and enjoy it. <3 Thanks for reading.