Tom and Sarah

First Post with my new computer!!!!

What I Wore:

Top: Ross
Pants: BB Dakota sample
Hat: Urban Outfitters
Boots: Mom closet (yes. my mom is that trendy :)

So yay! new computer! I got it for my 17th birthday! YUS! I am 17!!!! and i finally got my license as well! if only i could drive my car! it's a stick and frustrating beyond anything!
Well, anyway I am in desperate need to do laundry how i managed to pull this outfit out of a hat is amazing (literally!) I was looking through nylon and got inspired to wear my old hat from freshmen year! I love this hat but whenever i wear any sort of hat i get strange looks from people in the halls. Oh well thats highschool in newport beach!

Music: (i decided to put the music selection here rather then in the player because i figure you can listen to it if you really want to rather then me forcing you to by playing it anyway. Hehe. AND i figure this way the music is more in the post!)

Tom and Sarah by Blue Skies

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has the people who stand up for what they believe in. NOt enough of us follow our instincts and do what we think is right. For those of you who do i give you a high five i trully am jealous of you. For those of us who dont, including myself, we should make an initiative to. It doesnt take much. We don't have to change the world or anything. Just say what you think and i'm not positive because i've never done it, but i think that everythink will be a whole lot....better :)

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Pretty Little Liar

What i Wore:

Sweater: Target $?
Skirt: Old Navy $2
Boots: Old Navy $11
Belt: friend $?

So i had competition this weekend for dance and I had a few hours in between dances so my mom and i went over to the old navy somewhere is San Diego. I never really liked old navy because their clothes were a little boring but omigosh! they were having a big sale and i got 3 skirts for $2 each and a shirt for 97 cents! annnndd a dress for like $10. It was all very amazing. So you will probably see a lot of old navy here in my next few posts :)

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon doesnt have anything inspiring! I just really want to know if anyone else watches pretty little liars and did you see the season finale? OH MY GOSH!!! I wont say anything more because i'm sure no one else wants to talk about this. But i will leave you a picture of Ian Harding who plays Ezra Fitz.

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Back in Your Head

by Tegan and Sara


SIMPLE Outfit.
Romper: Walmart
Blouse: H&M
Boots: Fossil
My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has music. I've realized how right now i've been accepting so much new music! I've been really happy! I keep going to the library and getting cds i would never usually get and listening to them and realizing how much i really like them. Yesterday i got a Frank Sinatra cd. I KNOW! I usually write off music if it's too mainstream or even old, but now i'm accepting all music. There's so much and i just want to take in all of it. Artists go through so much to produce their music, to write it off just doesn't seem right. I originally said I didn't like Tegan and Sara based on one song i heard of them, and how many people love them and stuff but i just got their cd The Con and I really really like it! It's amazing how much better something sounds when you get out of your head and open up your mind to new things :)

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