Back in Your Head

by Tegan and Sara


SIMPLE Outfit.
Romper: Walmart
Blouse: H&M
Boots: Fossil
My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has music. I've realized how right now i've been accepting so much new music! I've been really happy! I keep going to the library and getting cds i would never usually get and listening to them and realizing how much i really like them. Yesterday i got a Frank Sinatra cd. I KNOW! I usually write off music if it's too mainstream or even old, but now i'm accepting all music. There's so much and i just want to take in all of it. Artists go through so much to produce their music, to write it off just doesn't seem right. I originally said I didn't like Tegan and Sara based on one song i heard of them, and how many people love them and stuff but i just got their cd The Con and I really really like it! It's amazing how much better something sounds when you get out of your head and open up your mind to new things :)

<3 Thanks for reading!


  1. so adorable, i love old music. it's important to have a variety of artists to go to depending on your mood... what kind of inspiration you need etc. i consider myself a bit of an expert in old rock n roll, let me know if you need a playlist!

    greaaaaat boots. i just ordered some new ones from urban, planning to wear them with shorts and dresses all summer long!


  2. i love this outfittt so adorable
    the con is great too!


  3. love your outfit! the sheer blue blouse is MY FAVE!! ^.^
    greeting from Canada .xoxox


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