Style me black friday

The terrors of black friday! ah! haha. So because of black friday i now have a scar on my forehead that reaches from one eyebrow past the other all the way to the other side were my hair line starts. I feel like harry potter! I was shopping at Holly Sharps outside sale and in order to get out i had to go under a tree which of course was right above a rack of clothes and a lady bumped into me while i was racing to get out and i suppose i got caught on a tree branch and it just sliced my forehead. bleh.

Thats just the down side though, heres the upside of black friday! all the clothes i got for only $5!

All from urban! Sweater and oxford heels $5 and mens jeans $10. they were really for my moms boyfriend but she got them 3 sizes to small so i took up! leopardbelt i already had and dress urban $5!

we went so many places but we found nothing! We went to banana republic, gap, holly sharp (err), and tjmaxx. I got a wallet from tjmaxx but thats it :( no the best black friday and urban didnt have as much cute stuff as last year.

I broke a cute necklace i had with those flowers on it so i decided to make it into another necklace. I made a choker based on the dior one on the right. I know its completely different but u got to work with what you have!

I <3 Jessica! Thank you so much girlie!
Jessica made me this from fascinationdrop.blogspot.com she is amazing! I wish i had her closet (and her moms) her style is just ridiculously beautiful!

So i dont think im going to do a runway look today but heres a Dolce dress i really want/need(not really just really want)

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has style. It floats up to space carrying it Marc Jacobs bag and wearing it Jimmy Choos. I know what your thinking. style? havent we been there done that like everyday? I know. But today when i was shopping with my mom she kept saying "i dont know what your style is anymore" everytime i said i didnt want what she showed me. It got me thinking, i dont really know what my style is either. I dont really have a certain style, nor do i want to be glued down to one kind of style. Some days i like wearing black and white and other days i like wearing hot pink and yellow. I like having the choice of wearing baggy jeans or a cute high waisted skirt. It sort of reminds me of "image" in which i talked  about in a previous post. I like the option of getting to be somebody different the next day from what i was that day. To me that's what style is about. Being the best version of you that day and getting to express exactly how he felt when you got up  and picked out your outfit. I dont want to say that my style is grunge or preppy or anything. I like to say my style is me. My style is exactly how im feeling. What do you think? How does your style represent you?



Hey! So meant to post a few days ago and i actually started to! no really, i got so mad though becuz i was almost done with the post when i accidentally hit refresh and everything went away! Errr 

Music: Streetlights by the view

What i wore:

Btw! Hype this look on lookbook cuz im almost positive it has 0 hypes!

So i have decided a simple whit wall looks so much better then my clutter of a room!
Dress: actually a xlarge shirt from the 99cents store! bet you didnt know they sold shirts there...they really sell everything there! Tights: Ross $5, Jacket: old neighbors from a long long time ago i found in the back of my closet :D, necklace: Ring from forever21 ($2) on black beaded chain i claires i think when i was like in 6th gd and white beads i got at michaels.

Jaeger London (pics from style.com)
So i absolutely love this collection (spring2010) The first two i really like the slight gold and metallics on the light pink :D And the third one i really like the vest and the silver and gold trim around it with the white pockets. It really makes it eye catching. And obviously the last ones details are just amazing. It kind of gives a splash of the whole collection with the black and white and metallics and if you look at the collection it uses all those fabrics.  I really like jaeger because all the looks are really different from each other but still have some things in common you know?

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has goodness. It flys up into space without saying a word of disrespect towards the people its leaving behind. So the other day i had a sub in english and he used to teach a psychology class and he was relating the book we read to us. Anyway he started saying how we have 3 sides to us one side (the devil) which is called Id (iduno why) and the other side (angel) that tells us whats right and then theres us the one that has to decide who to listen to. He started asking us questions about things we have done one in which leaving campus for lunch even though were sophmores (ur not supposed to do that) which of course ive never done. Also one like doing something fun even though you know you'll get in trouble later. I  dont think ive done that either. He then continued to say that that's normal and that if you listen to the angel all the time then well you wierd.  Hm.... interesting. Call me a crazy person i suppose. Not just good i guess but im also nice. Is there a limit to how nice you should be too? You know the socialnetworking questions on facebook? well someone was asked what do you think of when you think of victoria? and they put "nice". nice. thats it. nice. Some believe that we are all born evil. And it takes time to progress into a better person. While others believe that we are born with an empty slate. A white wall if you will. either way of looking at it right now im the goodygoody in class whos just nice.  I know this balloon is just talking about me right now and usually i try to relate about you  guys but im just a little ocupado with this.  The thing about this that keeps me contradicting this is that while i might seem nice to that person i might seem like a total  bit...meanie to someone else. Depending on the day you met me or the time you talked to me i could  be either person.  I could be the devil or the angel on my shoulder depending on who i chose to listen to that day. While goodness seems rare for a lot of people and for me sometimes i find myself striving for it trying to turn my back against the evil. If only he wasnt standing on my shoulder. <3 Thanx for reading! sorry so long.


Temptation of Yourself

Today I wore:

I felt like a spice girl today! haha. Anywhooo this morning i wore the coat from yesterday because its freezing in the morning, but its so annoying because then in the afternoon its blazing hot! Ugh!
Ok so... Shirt: Wal-Mart $1!!! Miley Cyrus brand that she did with Max Azria...even with him the clothes are pretty ugly...but i like this shirt and it was only $1!!!! so dont judge.
Pants: Paris Blues from Ross $10 (i love them deeply)
Black Belt- either my moms or my step dads i really dont know i just kind of claimed it :D
Black Boots:  Charlotte Russe $30 (Major Splurge for me!)

Ok so this is my most favorite thing i own and that ive ever gotten! I wore it to my 8th grade graduation but i got it a year before that! Its Behnaz Sarapour for Target. And i just absolutely adore it. Im mad that i never have anywhere fancy to go tho, so i can never wear it! Although....i think ive created an outfit with this that i might be able to pull off so i can wear it to school. If i do, i'll post!!!

speaking of Behnaz Sarafpour...

The first two remind me a lot of what Fendis kind of doing for fall/winter as well but i still like it. I really like the cut of the third dress obviously, and i the coat in the last one is just magical.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has temptation. You don't really realize it, but there is temptation all around us. Not just the horrible kind either. Take a computer for example. When your doing your homework and you glance up at it and you get this urge to go on the computer. While you my fight the temptation, you also may fall to it and go on it. Its the same with alcohol and drugs, the temptation is always going to be there and you sometimes may get the urge to want to do it. The thing is that i think distinguishes us as individuals is that some people can fight the urge and look at it and know that its the wrong thing to do and others may just crack and do it. While temptation is all around us and will always be there, so is our thoughts and mind also guiding us to what is right and wrong. You really just have to focus and tell yourself what you really think is the right thing to do.  Thats all for now! Thanks for reading <3


Back into Oblivion

Hello People! Sorry I've  disappeared for a while. I went from doing a post everyday to slowly decreasing in the number. I haven't posted in about a week, which is weird!!!! I'll explain why in my balloon.

Oh on to updates! I have added a poll if you scroll down on the side. So please vote because i want you to! heehe. I'm going to be changing it every month so if you have any ideas for the next one let me know!

Music: Persona Gone Missing by Eskobar (<3!!!)

Today i wore:

Not one of my best outfits i know, i kind of just threw it on. Belt- actually scarf, crossroads trading co., i don know how much, Coat: Jaeger London, moms from like the early 70's, shoes: urban $19, shirt: urban $9

Miu Miu. I really like the intensity of the pictures, i cant describe it really. In the first pic i really really like the coat. Im kind of obsessed with coats right now, so thats probably why. The dress in the 2nd pic is amazing as well. All the detailing is just lovely and open cut of it is beautiful.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has laziness. It travels up to the sky slowly not pulling or pushing because it doesnt feel like it.I am so very lazy it is just ridiculous! I never get anything done! Its not even procrastination anymore its just that i dont want to do therefore i wont. It's stuck in my brain. I haven't posted in a while because ive been so lazy and havent felt like it. Not as if this blog is a chore or anything, because believe me if it was it would be the best chore in the world! No, just that fact that i really didn't feel like going on the computer and typing was all. Its so stupid i know! The thing with laziness is that it carries out to when you grow up. If i am lazy now i will be lazy then, and if im lazy then how will i get anything done?  It's not just me is it? i don't think so really. Everyone has been lazy and a lot of us are just always lazy. It's time we just got up off our... butt and do something! That's my balloon today. <3 Thanks for reading! (dont forget to vote in the poll)


the weakness of your cry

I wore:


Yesterday: moms Max Studio fringe blazer- used clothing store $34(love love love and want to steal from her!) Long sleeved Shirt: Pac Sun- $5, Tights- Tjmax $5 (twins with jwu!), "Elf Shoes" (my friends called them)- Urban Outfitters $19
Today: Black Dress- (again) Ross $9, Blue Oxford Cotton button up- Used clothing store $1, Black Belt: Quicksilver $1, Tights- drug store $1, Boots- you should know by now. i really need to stop wearing these!

So a while ago i blogged about some Balenciaga heels that i was in love with and ya those are them ^. Arent they amazing? yes. I also love the top she has on, mainly the shoulders of it, so great. The whole scene is simply amazing.

Giorgio Armani. (pic from harpersbaazar.com) i really like the belt around the waist and the cut of the dress.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has all the tears that have fallen from eyes. It slowly rises as the weight of the water trys to pull it down. Im sure we all have experienced a time when we just couldn't hold it in and started to cry, letting our  emotions get the better of us. We all have had that moment when you sit in your room and let the tears fall on your cheeks. Or even let them escape as the one you care about tells you something you don't want to hear. Tears represent the weakness everybody shares. The connection that shows that we are human and that yes we have feelings. Without tears, yes we save ourself from a minute of calming and wishing that your eyes werent puffy so you could walk out your door and nobody know your weakness. But we also would be missing out on the confort of someone puting an arm around you to get you to stop. We would be missing a moment of letting everything you were thinking out in one simple act. Well, thats my little ramble, no lesson, just something to remember the next time you cry. <3 Thanks for reading.


Nothing is Something

Music: The Last Shadow Puppets- My Mistakes Were Made for You. I am in love with alex turners voice for some reason. (lead singer of the arctic monkeys also) And their lyrics they write together are just simply amazing. I also love Miles Kanes guitar in this it just sounds so cool.

Today i wore:

its impossible to see the dress with my stupid webcam! its annoying! i forgot 2 edit and zoom for you but you get the picture.
Denim Jacket: Levi from my neighbor so free, Dress: Ross $9, Purse: knock off chanel from used clothing store- technically it was supposed to be $24 but the lady made a mistake and gave it to us for free :)

so i obviously drew this. it look horrible here cuz you cant see it that well. Anyway at first i was focusing on the layered skirt but then i got all crazy and wanted to add a leopard vest and then i copied the Valentino dress but instead made it a shirt and ya.

Ralph Lauren Collectionn. (pic from style.com) for some reason when i thought of Ralph Lauren i always thought of those boring polos. I was obviously very ignorant. Look at this beautiful dress! and that patch work jacket, T-O D-I-E F-O-R

Ok so i am getting the impression that the poncho is coming back in style. I dont know how i feel about that. On the one hand i do have my old ponchos still in my dresser just in case it comes back and on the other im kind of hoping i am getting the wrong impression.
the reason i think this is because i was window shopping (rather online screen shopping) at forever 21 and the big ad came up on it for ponchos here...

Im not going crazy right. this does indicate that the poncho is coming back right? Please tell me how you feel about this! comment =)

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has nothing. But when you think about it nothing is something. Its just like how silence is louder then noise. You notice nothing more then you notice if there is something. Think about it. If you walk into a room and there is nothing, it is just empty, wouldnt you notice that more then if the room was full of stuff? The reason i brought this up is because i was sitting here looking at my room and all the clutter and thought "what would happen if there was nothing in here. If all my things just went *poof*" I think we take our something for granted sometimes. My room is a mess full of things i dont really need. And if i had nothing, and some people really do have nothing, i would really see how much nothing is and how much something i really have. Is that confusing to you? Sorry. Anyway the lesson is dont take any of the things you have for granted! <3 Thanks for reading!

btw its november now which means last post was the first ever post of November which means you guys have put up with me for a month! Yay you! (and new month new font)


Line of Death (hehe)

Today i wore:

ps i apologize for my messy room

So my camera was being stupid and wouldnt turn on so i had to use my webcam and as you can tell the photos came out weird! and this is as big as they seem to want to be right now so sorry if you cant see what im wearing but...
Jacket: Crush (probably the only thing i own from there) $25, Pants: Gap $14 (they r exactly like my green ones i wore in an older pot just different color), Love Shirt: American Eagle (gift?), Boots AGAIN! Belt: from a random robe or dress or something.

Ok so my mom wanted us to start making a christmas list already so she knows the kind of stuff i want and i made this and im cutting it out and putting it into a poster of stuff i want (her idea) anyway these are all clothes im in love with from modcloth.com (lovlovelove that site)

i am in freaking love with that little jacket. I dont knowit just is so amazing and for some reaon reminds me of Matilda i dont no why though. And i really want a leopord vest ever since i saw Rachel Zoe's vests for QVC

I also made a list for Forever21 becuz its a little less expensive then those clothes

I think i have a small obsession with jackets but HELLO can you blame me?? Its fall and soon to be winter! I really really want a brown coat that i can wear with just about anything. It looks like i like red in this but i really don't i just like more of the cutt rather the color. This weekend im begging my mom for those shoes.

Erin Fetherston lovelove lovelove love all clothes! Heres a cute video called Dollhouse thats on the website. Cutest thing ever, kind of old and it was for target international but the video is still lovely so watch.

Valentino dress i really like. Its something i can see myself actually wearing.

Chloe fall/winter. Lovelovelove

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has all the deadlines. Even saying the word makes me want to cringe. It seems like everything is put on a deadline and we follow it procrastinating, and rushing at the very end to make it. School for me is the worst and holds the award for most deadlines, but for you it could be your job or just anything really. If you promise your friend to do something, or have an activity outside of work or school that you need to do. It just seems like no matter where you go or what you do a dedline will surely follow. I suppose though without them nothing would be done. You wouldn't have to rush to finish and eventually you might never finish. It's like with my book. I don't have a deadline to write it by so it's taking me forever to write it. Unlike an essay that's due in a week, i eventually have to finish that or else i'll get a horrible grade. Deadlines are kind of the things that keep us in check and keep us from flaking on everything. Well, that's all! <3 Thanks for reading another one of my rambles!