Hey! So meant to post a few days ago and i actually started to! no really, i got so mad though becuz i was almost done with the post when i accidentally hit refresh and everything went away! Errr 

Music: Streetlights by the view

What i wore:

Btw! Hype this look on lookbook cuz im almost positive it has 0 hypes!

So i have decided a simple whit wall looks so much better then my clutter of a room!
Dress: actually a xlarge shirt from the 99cents store! bet you didnt know they sold shirts there...they really sell everything there! Tights: Ross $5, Jacket: old neighbors from a long long time ago i found in the back of my closet :D, necklace: Ring from forever21 ($2) on black beaded chain i claires i think when i was like in 6th gd and white beads i got at michaels.

Jaeger London (pics from style.com)
So i absolutely love this collection (spring2010) The first two i really like the slight gold and metallics on the light pink :D And the third one i really like the vest and the silver and gold trim around it with the white pockets. It really makes it eye catching. And obviously the last ones details are just amazing. It kind of gives a splash of the whole collection with the black and white and metallics and if you look at the collection it uses all those fabrics.  I really like jaeger because all the looks are really different from each other but still have some things in common you know?

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has goodness. It flys up into space without saying a word of disrespect towards the people its leaving behind. So the other day i had a sub in english and he used to teach a psychology class and he was relating the book we read to us. Anyway he started saying how we have 3 sides to us one side (the devil) which is called Id (iduno why) and the other side (angel) that tells us whats right and then theres us the one that has to decide who to listen to. He started asking us questions about things we have done one in which leaving campus for lunch even though were sophmores (ur not supposed to do that) which of course ive never done. Also one like doing something fun even though you know you'll get in trouble later. I  dont think ive done that either. He then continued to say that that's normal and that if you listen to the angel all the time then well you wierd.  Hm.... interesting. Call me a crazy person i suppose. Not just good i guess but im also nice. Is there a limit to how nice you should be too? You know the socialnetworking questions on facebook? well someone was asked what do you think of when you think of victoria? and they put "nice". nice. thats it. nice. Some believe that we are all born evil. And it takes time to progress into a better person. While others believe that we are born with an empty slate. A white wall if you will. either way of looking at it right now im the goodygoody in class whos just nice.  I know this balloon is just talking about me right now and usually i try to relate about you  guys but im just a little ocupado with this.  The thing about this that keeps me contradicting this is that while i might seem nice to that person i might seem like a total  bit...meanie to someone else. Depending on the day you met me or the time you talked to me i could  be either person.  I could be the devil or the angel on my shoulder depending on who i chose to listen to that day. While goodness seems rare for a lot of people and for me sometimes i find myself striving for it trying to turn my back against the evil. If only he wasnt standing on my shoulder. <3 Thanx for reading! sorry so long.


  1. loved that outfit :D even though it was hot as hell that day :)
    i love the third piece from the jaeger london collection. BEAUTIFULLLL silhouettes
    btw i'm gonna start the "my floating balloon" piece for you very soon!


  2. love outfit and the collection

  3. WEE! i hyped your look and heart-ed it! i love it :D

    btw, i have a surprise for you on my blogg :D CHECK ITTT <3
    and if you want, i could actually give it to you cuz i see you like everyday!


  4. Great look..I saw Jessicas drawing for you..I love it!


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