Back into Oblivion

Hello People! Sorry I've  disappeared for a while. I went from doing a post everyday to slowly decreasing in the number. I haven't posted in about a week, which is weird!!!! I'll explain why in my balloon.

Oh on to updates! I have added a poll if you scroll down on the side. So please vote because i want you to! heehe. I'm going to be changing it every month so if you have any ideas for the next one let me know!

Music: Persona Gone Missing by Eskobar (<3!!!)

Today i wore:

Not one of my best outfits i know, i kind of just threw it on. Belt- actually scarf, crossroads trading co., i don know how much, Coat: Jaeger London, moms from like the early 70's, shoes: urban $19, shirt: urban $9

Miu Miu. I really like the intensity of the pictures, i cant describe it really. In the first pic i really really like the coat. Im kind of obsessed with coats right now, so thats probably why. The dress in the 2nd pic is amazing as well. All the detailing is just lovely and open cut of it is beautiful.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has laziness. It travels up to the sky slowly not pulling or pushing because it doesnt feel like it.I am so very lazy it is just ridiculous! I never get anything done! Its not even procrastination anymore its just that i dont want to do therefore i wont. It's stuck in my brain. I haven't posted in a while because ive been so lazy and havent felt like it. Not as if this blog is a chore or anything, because believe me if it was it would be the best chore in the world! No, just that fact that i really didn't feel like going on the computer and typing was all. Its so stupid i know! The thing with laziness is that it carries out to when you grow up. If i am lazy now i will be lazy then, and if im lazy then how will i get anything done?  It's not just me is it? i don't think so really. Everyone has been lazy and a lot of us are just always lazy. It's time we just got up off our... butt and do something! That's my balloon today. <3 Thanks for reading! (dont forget to vote in the poll)


  1. i loved yr outfit todayyy :D
    the shoes look good with everything + the lining of that jacket is such a nice color :]


  2. Great outfit, perfect shoes ..I love the photos.

  3. yay your back (: nice. im the same i totally procrastinate. x



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