Style me black friday

The terrors of black friday! ah! haha. So because of black friday i now have a scar on my forehead that reaches from one eyebrow past the other all the way to the other side were my hair line starts. I feel like harry potter! I was shopping at Holly Sharps outside sale and in order to get out i had to go under a tree which of course was right above a rack of clothes and a lady bumped into me while i was racing to get out and i suppose i got caught on a tree branch and it just sliced my forehead. bleh.

Thats just the down side though, heres the upside of black friday! all the clothes i got for only $5!

All from urban! Sweater and oxford heels $5 and mens jeans $10. they were really for my moms boyfriend but she got them 3 sizes to small so i took up! leopardbelt i already had and dress urban $5!

we went so many places but we found nothing! We went to banana republic, gap, holly sharp (err), and tjmaxx. I got a wallet from tjmaxx but thats it :( no the best black friday and urban didnt have as much cute stuff as last year.

I broke a cute necklace i had with those flowers on it so i decided to make it into another necklace. I made a choker based on the dior one on the right. I know its completely different but u got to work with what you have!

I <3 Jessica! Thank you so much girlie!
Jessica made me this from fascinationdrop.blogspot.com she is amazing! I wish i had her closet (and her moms) her style is just ridiculously beautiful!

So i dont think im going to do a runway look today but heres a Dolce dress i really want/need(not really just really want)

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has style. It floats up to space carrying it Marc Jacobs bag and wearing it Jimmy Choos. I know what your thinking. style? havent we been there done that like everyday? I know. But today when i was shopping with my mom she kept saying "i dont know what your style is anymore" everytime i said i didnt want what she showed me. It got me thinking, i dont really know what my style is either. I dont really have a certain style, nor do i want to be glued down to one kind of style. Some days i like wearing black and white and other days i like wearing hot pink and yellow. I like having the choice of wearing baggy jeans or a cute high waisted skirt. It sort of reminds me of "image" in which i talked  about in a previous post. I like the option of getting to be somebody different the next day from what i was that day. To me that's what style is about. Being the best version of you that day and getting to express exactly how he felt when you got up  and picked out your outfit. I dont want to say that my style is grunge or preppy or anything. I like to say my style is me. My style is exactly how im feeling. What do you think? How does your style represent you?


  1. Awww i'm sorry! i hope your forehead feels better :(
    glad you found cute stuff though! i think the line died down after i left.. did it? lol

    i'm posting my stuff today as well :D
    i'll bring you your pic on monday :]
    love what you did w/the necklace darrrling


  2. Oh, the horrors of Black Friday! / I've never experienced one, as it does not exist here in Canada! Haha. Oh, and I'm TOTALLY envious of that drawing. It's absolutely adorable and suits your adorable blog perfectly!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Love the clothes!
    Hope your forehead gets better :D

  4. I hope that next black friday will be better (:.
    Such a nice outfit, I love yours shoes.


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