Excellence, then, is a state concerned with choice


Music: and the boys by angus and julia stone

I wore:

Ah! so i got a new camera but it doesnt have self timer!!! so i returned it. I was soooo close to good quality pictures! aw well, i figured out how to make my webcam photos bigger without making it super blurry. now its just normal for it.

1st set:
Jacket: China town $2
 shorts: thrifted pants i cut $1
tank top: rvca $? gift.
Boots: crossroads
Necklace: teen vogue diy
2nd set:
Shirt: Wal-mart $5
skirt: Chinatown $2
belt: neighbor $free
Boots: crossroads (again)

Pictures im sorta obsessed with

1st: i just took it randomly playing with my new camera that i took back.
2nd: My mom walking in hunington beach. The sun was hitting the camera amazingly.
3rd: Stopped from a video my mom was taking accidentally
4th: my puppy (whos not really a puppy) more pictures of this and the last one at my other blog
5th: an old picture of my mom and i when i was a wittle baby (thats me in the corner)
6th: another picture i took with the puppy one

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has choices. There are so many choices we can make its crazy to think how sometimes we can only pick one. I was shopping at barnes and noble with my friends and came across this book that was all about choices. It was amazing. Basically it was a story written in many different ways. You read a chapter then at the end you got a choice of what you wanted to happen and you had to go to that page. I guess its kind of like the goosebump books but it wasn't. ANYWAY! i like that idea, but i got to thinking what if i didn't know the choice i wanted for the character. What if i couldn't choose and i didn't like the outcome of the one that i did choose? It is like life. Which i am guessing the author is sort of saying when he/she wrote it. In life you are going to have a hundred thousand million choices your going to have to make and sometimes you wont know what to choose and you're not going to like how it turns out, but that is just life. I am faced with a choice right now, and i don't know what i'm going to do based on the fact that i am scared of what the outcome will be. But. But! i am just going to have to face it. Like all of us should do. A little lessson for you there. <3 Thanks for reading.


Im inspired

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has inspiration. It travels up looking down at the world and taking notes of things as it ideas emerge in its mind.  I get inspired by most anything; music, clothes, stores, people, random items. I am sure im not the only one! right? I think creativity comes out of your mind using the inspirations that have traveled into it. Right now i am bursting with inspiration. I want to do so many things and so many project and i just dont know where to start! I'll start with the rest of my post i suppose!

I went to little tokyo and china town today! it was great! tons of shopping and i got amazing deals on clothes! I'll be doing many posts with my outfits soon!

here are some ictures:

Top: urban $9
shorts: wal-mart $10
tights: 99 cent store
oxfords: urban $5
The first one is me in china town and the rest are little tokyo. and that is my mum in the last one :D

<3 Thanks for reading