Campbells Chicken Noodle... POSSIBILITIES

What i wore:

Lace shirt: mothers closet, Skirt: Anne Taylor (another after christmas sale!) $2, Necklace: walmart (i actually got it for my mom but im just borrowing it :), Shoes: Payless

Short post today. No fashion images or anything sorry! i dont have very much time, i just wanted to get a quick post in before i go to my friends house to sleep over. Today we went to Orange circle which if you dont live around here then i'll tell you its pretty cool! Theres tons and tons of antique stores with tons and tons of random amazing crap! and a bunch of vintage stores with the cutest stuff! i didnt get anything cuz i dont have any money but i found the greatest black fringe jacket with leopard trim that i want really really bad!
Also my friend got me the Fashion Now 2 book from urban which i wanted really bad so i'll prob be doing some reading in my spare time.
I know i said i would post my sketches about two posts ago but i havent had time to take pictures or scan or anything so hopefully i can post them next post! hehe
(Oh and i changed the picture of the balloon to the girl with a balloon if you havent noticed. change is good!)

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has possibilities. Now im not sure if i have posted something about this before because im having a hard time keeping track but... i'm doing it anyway.  Possibilities are like  the step before knowing. There is a possibility i might get an A on my test but i wont know for sure until  i get it back. I think possibility is almost the thing that holds people together, keeps them from going mad or insane. Its there with religion and magic. We dont know for sure if there is magic or if you make a wish on a shooting star it will come true, but its the possibilities that makes us close our eyes and wish. And if there were no possibilities and the world and everybody in it knew everything then i honestly think there would be nothing to live  for. "If I were to wish for anything, I should not wish for wealth and power, but for the passionate sense of the potential, for the eye which, ever young and ardent, sees the possible. Pleasure disappoints, possibility never. And what wine is so sparkling, what so fragrant, what so intoxicating, as possibility!" -Soren Kierkegaard. <3 Thanx for reading


Philosophy of Love

music: Doctor Blind by Emily Haines  (my friend did a cover to this on youtube.com  click click!)

What i wore:

Jacket: Banana Republic (after christmas sale!:) $18, tights: urban $way too much, Shoes: Ross $9, Turtle neck: limited (express)

Ok so does anybody use any Philosophy products? Well this is kind of random but i was looking at the products and they all have cute sayings and phrases on them that are very inspirational.

"Where there is hope, there is faith. Where there is faith miracles can occur" is my favorite.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has love. It kisses you goodbye as it floats up. Love is everywhere. Its there when you need it. Its there when you dont. Love gives and lets you receive. Love is what keeps us all  together. Lets quote the beatles shall we? "All you need is love." and thats all there is to say. <3 Thanx for reading!



Goodbye Christmas hello New Years!
This Christmas was very...stressful! I felt like i didnt get what i gave you know? I worked really hard and long on presents but i didnt feel like people did that in return for me. Ah well though presents are just a minor detail in the big holiday and i should really be happy that i had people to share it with and at least got something! speaking of which....

mixin and matchin the holiday crap:

Instead of listing everything i'll just say that most everything is from urban except the oxfords that i finally got EEP which are from payless surprisingly and the blue sweater which is from target. Oh! and the santa socks which i have no idea were they are from....they were just in my stocking.

So! What did everybody get for Christmas??????? The one big thing i got was a sewing machine!!! yay!!! now i can actually make the things i draw! Speaking of which my aunt gave me a new sketch book which i was excited about considering ive been drawing on lined paper! Next post i'll put some  sketches up cuz ive made tons! Lets see... what else??? Nothing really. So lets move on shall we???

Christian Lacroix runway Spring couture. I love this because of all the poofs (poufs?), bright and beautiful colors, bows, and random perfect details.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has normality. I dont have a lot to say about it but what is it?  What is normal? is there such thing as normal? Everybody always says "im not normal" about themselves but if enough people arent normal  doesnt that make not being normal the normal? If enough people are crazy and extravagant then it becomes the newest normal thing. I guess normal is a trend really.  If everybody is wearing a trench coat (which is btw very much back!) then wearing a trench coat is the normal thing to wear. So im kind of wondering if because people all evolve into a certain trend without even knowing it (take straight legged jeans) then doesnt that mean everybody is normal. Or is normal just a made up slang we use to describe something not meaning to be analyzed? Or maybe normal really doesnt exist. Nothing is normal, and yet everything is normal. AH! im confusing myself so much! Please help! <3 Thanx for reading


Opinion Please

I wore (but not out of the house!):

Dress: Rimini from my moms closet, Vest: cut levis jacket my neighbor gave me, Black boots: Crossroads $9, Necklaces: chocker i made, beads from Michaels, Silver Bangle: from neighbor

OK so before i went on break it seemed like everybody...almost in everyclass...someone was talking about Winter formal! It was hardly december and formal not till february! Anyway i get really annoyed probably because well 1. girls ask guys 2. i dont no who i would ask 3. i have no money to buy a dress
the only bright side is that its at knotts berry farm. Last year i just went with my friends but this year i kind of want a date you know??????? Anywhooo to fashion... if i were to have the perfect dress it would be this one. If i looked good in red which im not actually sure if i do or dont because its not a particular color i usually wear....anyway sorry rambling


Herve Leger $1,250 from bloomingdales. Yeah. I dont see this dress in my future based on the price!

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has my opinion. It shouts its feelings as it flys up to the sky. Everybody has an opinion on almost everything. And everybody is biased about something. The thing i always wonder is if my opinion is necessary to be stated. I mean when someone is talking next to you and says something you think is completely wrong, obviously you shouldn't say it because well its not your conversation to be saying anything. But what about with a friend? If you dont like the shirt they are wearing should you say it? Risking hurting their feelings? Or how about in class when someone says something stupid and you want to tell them. Sometimes im really scared to talk even in class because i dont want people to judge me, but i really think, and this is just my opinion, that it is important to say what you think and how you feel and get it off your chest and risk looking like a totaly freak or people ignoring you or whatever. Its easy to say that this is the right thing though, and hard to actually do it. Your opinion is your opinion and it counts for something in everything. <3 Thanks for reading.


From Far Away...

Music: Regina Spektor Us

What ive been wearing: (mostly last week  because im so behind on posts!)

So my moms closet broke (the bar holding everything, its supposed to be able to hold 500 pounds what does that tell us?) so we had to put all her clothes on like six racks in her room and she kept finding things she wore when she  was in her twenties and has been giving them to me which makes me really excited! So all of these outfits basically have the things my mom gave me.

1.Pink seater dress that i dont know the brand of with my brown belt i got from a friend, and brown boots. 2. Black sweater- limited, wrap skirt: Emanuel Ungaro, brown belt and boots again. 3. vintage Dior jacket (came with a skirt that i wore yesterday but didnt take a picture of sorry!) 4. Blouse: i dont know the brand either, boots and belt again!, tights; drug store $1

One more day till vacation!  I'll probably post more because i wont be so busy with school and hw, except my ap bio teacher gave us a huge packet to do over the break so that will be a joy! speaking of that class i just took a test that was 150 pages on 5 chapters that i knew nothing about so that was fun! At least it was partner,  but i hate when i get partnered and i feel like not contributing you know? or the other way around! This time i think i contributed as much as i could! hehe

And guess what!!! I got my hair done and its a different color!

So! Balloon is going to be different today! yay! or not! I dont really know what to write today so i think i'll be lazy and copy and paste the beginning of one of the books im writing! so ya its pretty inspirational and is just going to be a sort of prologue or preface or something! So here you go....

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has my book.  So here you go....You know when you look at something from far away and everything seems almost perfect? It’s as if just by looking at it and it’s beauty you think that nothing could be wrong with it. For example when you look at a painting, and you just think it’s so beautiful but you never really think to see how much heart, and pain the artist went through to get to that picture. Or when you look at a view of the city or the beach with little cottages placed perfectly along the side, all you see is a great view. Honestly, I wish all there is to it is a great view, but there isn’t. The world looks beautiful from the moon, but really it’s full of screw ups, and disappointments, and expectations. Life and the world are like a canvas full of splattered colors. All the shades are there it’s just the mess that you have to get through to see the truth in what the picture is portraying. Each one of us, and each part of the world and life is a color, and the sad thing is we may never get to actually see the colors in our lifetime. I guess what I’m saying is that, all though life is going to be hard and not like what it seems from far away, when you get a chance to look at a shade of color, really look at it because, like life, it may go by too fast.


I Want Inspiration

Im so bad on posting lately sorry! Anyway though im in a really inspired mood lately so i think for a second i may shy away from fashion...but just for a second!!! This post may be all over the place because thats how my mind is right now. I think its because i havent posted in a while so i have all these thoughts collected in my mind that i really want to get out so... how about we start huh???

First i'll just say what songs in my head: Flag Pole Sitta by Harvey Danger...which is weird because you would think i would have an inspiring song in my head...but no i have this one.

So wana talk about balloons? Hehe. The first and third picture are from the movie The Red Ballon which was made in 1956 i believe? I havent seen it but it looks pretty swell (swell? ya. swell.) All the ballons collected together just seems so amazing. I think at one point in our lives maybe when we were kids or even when we become old people (haha Up last pic) we just want to fly up to the sky and go anywhere the balloons take us. Just to get away from everything.  The second picture is just a picture i found when i googled red balloon. I thought it was pretty cool :D

So more inspirational stuff.... I've been finding all these really amazing quotes lately and just wanted to share some with you.... hope thats ok...

"People observe the colors of a day only at its beginnings and ends, but to me it's quite clear that a day merges through a multitude of shades and intonations, with each passing moment.

A single hour can consist of thousands of different colors. Waxy yellows, cloud-spat blues. Murky darknesses. "
- The Book Thief

For some reason i just really love this quote. I started reading this but havent finished because i am reading so many books right now!

"Dont worry Susie, he has a nice life. He's trapped in a perfect world"
-the lovely Bones

This is kind of a random one but i really like it. The dad is telling Susie about the snow globe and i really like how it's a contradiction by saying how he has a nice life trapped. And some how i think we can relate to that. i wont go in detail. just think about it yourself :D

"Life fails. Songs don't always."

"When is the night over? Is it the start of sunrise or the end of it? Is it when you finally go to sleep or simply when you realize that you have to?"
 - Nick and Norahs infinite  playlist

Okay, im sorry but Nick and Norah's the book is such a good love story. While it uses the F bomb a lot its still great. I love these quotes because there relatable. The first one i really like because i love music so much. And it's true. The 2nd one i just really like. Because i started wondering the same thing...

Okay on to fashion!

Jennifer Garner: Chanel tweed jacket and Skirt

Lanvins polyester jumpsuit, Erickson Beamon necklace and bracelet, Miu Miu shoes (which im in love with)
Pictures from W Magazine. Oh and if you happen to get this issue of W make sure to look at the looks in the middle of it because they are all amazing (especially the D&D one on the last page :)

One more thing before my ballon, i made these videos on youtube there animations out of pictures because i was bored and wanted to try. So here is one...

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has everything i want. Now i dont mean in the sense of a present or an actual thing i can hold in my hand (which is prob what your thinking because HEllO Christmas!). I mean all the things i want out of life. So i decided to make a list. And i would love if you all made a list also of what you want out of life. You can post it as a comment or even on your own blog! If you do make sure to tell me!

1. I want to be different. Not a different person, but different than everybody else. I want people to look at me and see something that stands out to them. I dont know..
2.  I want to go to graduate, go to college, get a good job and have a good life.
3. i want to do something exciting and adventurous before my life is planned out ^
4. I want be me and not worry about people not liking it
5. I want to live happily ever after.

The end. <3 Thanks for reading!


Be My Hero

Late on posts! I know! But i took pictures of what ive been wearing...

Music: Kashmir- She's Made of Chalk





Monday- Mens Jeans: Urban $10, Blouse: Marshals $3, Green velvet vest: Salvation Army $2
Tuesday: Black "leather" (haha) jacket: wetseal $30 (ahh too much!) Floral print dress: Urban $5
Thurs: Jacket again, Dress: Target Go designer (present i dont know how much?) Leopard scarf: 99 cents store!!!
Friday: White Sweater dress: Ross $5, Blue suede, fringe, vest: Salvation Army $2, Brown Belt: hand-me-down, Brown tights: Tj max $5, Brown Boots: DSW $TOO MUCH!!!

Kate Hudsons photoshoot in Harpers Baazar. I love Hudson so much she's just so fabulous and seems like the sweetest person. And these photos are so great, especially the black and whites. I love how she makes simple things look like the most fabulous. Dont we all wish we can look like that when we do our laundry?

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has all our heros and believers. They fly up to the sky and assure us everything is going to be okay. What i mean by believers and heroes are those people in our life that are our own personal Super Man and Super Woman. Those people that we look up to,  those people that we want to be, that we envy. It could be your parent, your friend, or just some random person you see on the tv.  For me its my mom. She's the person that i look up to when i need somebody to talk to, the person that when i grow up i want to be. While you may be looking up to somebody i think that at the same time they are looking up to you in return. Okay, so i hate to reference Hannah Montana but i have to  (dont judge that i actually watch this becuz you know sometimes we all need to watch a brainless show, and thats as brainless as you can get). Anyway so its when shes talking to a group a kids about lying and she asks them how many of their parents said they would be the President someday and they all raise their hands. Well, although it seems unrealistic i think they truly believe that we can be Presidents someday. They want to believe that we are capable of anything and they really do believe it. While we may all have our heroes and people we look up to,  i guarantee that there is at least one person who believes that you can do anything, and at least one person who sees you as their very own hero, their very own Super Hero. In life especially, i think its important to have one of all of those: a hero, a believer, and a believer who sees you as a hero.  <3 Thanks for Reading