Opinion Please

I wore (but not out of the house!):

Dress: Rimini from my moms closet, Vest: cut levis jacket my neighbor gave me, Black boots: Crossroads $9, Necklaces: chocker i made, beads from Michaels, Silver Bangle: from neighbor

OK so before i went on break it seemed like everybody...almost in everyclass...someone was talking about Winter formal! It was hardly december and formal not till february! Anyway i get really annoyed probably because well 1. girls ask guys 2. i dont no who i would ask 3. i have no money to buy a dress
the only bright side is that its at knotts berry farm. Last year i just went with my friends but this year i kind of want a date you know??????? Anywhooo to fashion... if i were to have the perfect dress it would be this one. If i looked good in red which im not actually sure if i do or dont because its not a particular color i usually wear....anyway sorry rambling


Herve Leger $1,250 from bloomingdales. Yeah. I dont see this dress in my future based on the price!

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has my opinion. It shouts its feelings as it flys up to the sky. Everybody has an opinion on almost everything. And everybody is biased about something. The thing i always wonder is if my opinion is necessary to be stated. I mean when someone is talking next to you and says something you think is completely wrong, obviously you shouldn't say it because well its not your conversation to be saying anything. But what about with a friend? If you dont like the shirt they are wearing should you say it? Risking hurting their feelings? Or how about in class when someone says something stupid and you want to tell them. Sometimes im really scared to talk even in class because i dont want people to judge me, but i really think, and this is just my opinion, that it is important to say what you think and how you feel and get it off your chest and risk looking like a totaly freak or people ignoring you or whatever. Its easy to say that this is the right thing though, and hard to actually do it. Your opinion is your opinion and it counts for something in everything. <3 Thanks for reading.


  1. Great blog! xxx
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  2. love the boots.
    yeah opinions can be tricky cos people sometimes state them as if theres no other way of thought, theyre opinion is RIGHT. :/


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