From Far Away...

Music: Regina Spektor Us

What ive been wearing: (mostly last week  because im so behind on posts!)

So my moms closet broke (the bar holding everything, its supposed to be able to hold 500 pounds what does that tell us?) so we had to put all her clothes on like six racks in her room and she kept finding things she wore when she  was in her twenties and has been giving them to me which makes me really excited! So all of these outfits basically have the things my mom gave me.

1.Pink seater dress that i dont know the brand of with my brown belt i got from a friend, and brown boots. 2. Black sweater- limited, wrap skirt: Emanuel Ungaro, brown belt and boots again. 3. vintage Dior jacket (came with a skirt that i wore yesterday but didnt take a picture of sorry!) 4. Blouse: i dont know the brand either, boots and belt again!, tights; drug store $1

One more day till vacation!  I'll probably post more because i wont be so busy with school and hw, except my ap bio teacher gave us a huge packet to do over the break so that will be a joy! speaking of that class i just took a test that was 150 pages on 5 chapters that i knew nothing about so that was fun! At least it was partner,  but i hate when i get partnered and i feel like not contributing you know? or the other way around! This time i think i contributed as much as i could! hehe

And guess what!!! I got my hair done and its a different color!

So! Balloon is going to be different today! yay! or not! I dont really know what to write today so i think i'll be lazy and copy and paste the beginning of one of the books im writing! so ya its pretty inspirational and is just going to be a sort of prologue or preface or something! So here you go....

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has my book.  So here you go....You know when you look at something from far away and everything seems almost perfect? It’s as if just by looking at it and it’s beauty you think that nothing could be wrong with it. For example when you look at a painting, and you just think it’s so beautiful but you never really think to see how much heart, and pain the artist went through to get to that picture. Or when you look at a view of the city or the beach with little cottages placed perfectly along the side, all you see is a great view. Honestly, I wish all there is to it is a great view, but there isn’t. The world looks beautiful from the moon, but really it’s full of screw ups, and disappointments, and expectations. Life and the world are like a canvas full of splattered colors. All the shades are there it’s just the mess that you have to get through to see the truth in what the picture is portraying. Each one of us, and each part of the world and life is a color, and the sad thing is we may never get to actually see the colors in our lifetime. I guess what I’m saying is that, all though life is going to be hard and not like what it seems from far away, when you get a chance to look at a shade of color, really look at it because, like life, it may go by too fast.


  1. the patterns you use in your sketches are so vibrant and there are so many of them!
    i loved your outfit with the blazer w/gold buttons. and the long dress is really beautiful too.


  2. your hair looks really nice!
    i love the writing, i was trying to figure out what book its from, then i saw you wrote it?! wow. haha X

  3. lovee the sketches, love the hair, love the outfits, love the song.. i just love it all- your blog is gorgeouss

  4. the doodles are lovely! love them, ells, xo


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