Locomotive Keep Going Keep Going


I actually painted these old salvation army shorts for summer! 

All I have to say is happy memorial day weekend. And I can't freaking wait till summer to finally start my life!


oh hey there!

wow! its been a while hasn't it? So long that when i start typing blo... my browser doesnt finish it for me with blogger.com.

hmmmm..... how do i usually do this again?
ah yes!

MUSIC: Goodbye Bread by Ty Segall

What i wore a while ago but didn't post: 

Shirt: TJ Max $10
Shorts: Moms old pants
Jacket: H&M $6
Shoes: Target $15
Bag: Salvation Army $3????

OH HEY! Its also my birthday! so i'm 18 now! Yay! So far the only thing that is different is that facebook told me my account is changed and not as restricted anymore. And my youth debit account changed to a regular debit account! YUUUSSS!! ha.

My Floating Balloon: Today my mom got 18 balloons and wrote on each of them each year and each birthday i had and what i did. It was really sweet of her. I never really thought much of birthdays because its just another day. I mean my age changes but i feel the same as i did yesterday when i was 17. The same goes when i turned 17 and 16 and so on. But some how along the way to each different year I am a totally different person. I don't know when it happens... i guess just each day brings something new in my life that makes me a different person every day. I would not say that I am the same person as I was when I was 16 but when I was 17 (early on) I couldn't tell the difference. At some point between now and next year I probably wont be able to say that I am the same person as I was when I was 17 but right now I am. Anyway... I'm gonna go eat my face! (My mom got a cake with my baby picture on it!)

It seems like only yesterday i was 17.....




Music: Never Heal Myself by Cults

Color! :

Pants: H&M
Top: Ross
Scarf: H&M
Shoes: Target

Dress: H&M
Boots: Target

Top: f21
skirt: urban outfitters
belt: f21
hat: urban outfitters

dress: H&M
tights: target

Yay for color! I've been seeing bright  colors all over the stores and since spring is coming up i thought i'd do a colorful post to celebrate!

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has color! We always take color for granted because... well its everywhere! But can you imagine a world without it? Everything would be so dull and boring! Today we have color in what we wear, the art we see, the flowers outside, and even on our tv's! Let us wear bright colors, paint pictures, dance in gardens and hey, lets watch some television!


Adversity Diversity University

Music: Adversity by Beach Fossils

What I wore: 

Top: Moms closet
Sweater: Neighbors
Shorts: Moms closet
Boots: Target

It is winter time which of course means a new hair color :) I wonder if I will ever make up my mind... BLONDE or BROWN. In these pictures it still looks a little blonde. Yay
HOLLY MOLLY is it winter already! 6 more months and i'll be college bound...hopefully ;) Moved away and on my own.... sorta. I plan to stick around California for a while even the OC maybe. My friends and I are planning a road trip together around California and see all the places we've never seen living in Orange county. It's amazing how you could live in a place for so long and never really see all of it. You know? So places we want to see:
Carrizo Plain
Santa Monica
Venice beach
Santa Barbara
San Francisco
and much much more! 

After that I hope to be attending the Art Institute if everything works out as planned. In fact I even sent a dress in for a scholarship

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has diversity. Being different is often seen as a bad thing but hey! it's a great thing! Everyone is different so lets all embrace it shall we! I see it the most right now probably because i'm in high school, the kids who are all crazy and different and those other kids who all look the same and laugh at those crazy and different. I guess I would like to live in a world without those judgmental people but then again, if there wasn't any I guess I wouldn't know how great being different is and who I would want to hang out with! Anywhoo i thought i would touch on this because I see it so much, living in Newport Beach CA and all. Embrace your individuality and be different!