Dare to be Different

Yay! Yayayayayayay i got a job! I'm gonna be surrounded by clothes! Yay! I got a job at wet seal. Im pretty excited cuz the last job i had was at my moms work and it was filing, spread sheets, copying, and under the table money. Hehe :)

MUSIIIKKK: All Day Day Light by The Morning Benders (I saw them in concert!!!! picture of me and Chris chu-lead singer- HERE)

What i wore:

Top: Urban Outfitters $10
Pants: H&M $20
Boots: H&M $20
Blazer: Moms Dior
Belt: Gap

I really liked this outfit. It's one of those that makes me happy when I wear it. It's not too crazy like some of my other ones where kids at school give you weird looks, but trendy enough to stand out. I wore the top tucked in to the trousers and left the blazer slightly open so that the gold zippers on the pants (not able to see in these photos) was visible. My friends and i decided that today we would all wear black boots, so to tie those in I added a black belt. I found it added more to the outfit anyway and made it more dinamic. I also wore a gold chain with a gold feather on it.

THANKS TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS sorry i havent posted in a while! Lifes crazy! :)

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has those who stand out. I applaud you. It is hard to stand out and break out of our shell, especially at the age I am in, where everyone feels like they have to fit in. I find myself struggling to keep myself me and not those around me. But some people, the ones you look at weirdly when they pass you, are the ones I aspire to be like you, which is contradictory. I aspire to be like you in that i want to be like me, like you. Hmmm..... ANYWAY congrats to those daring enough to stand out. Its you who will be remembered. <3 Thanks for reading.


I know that it is freezing but i think we have to walk

Its RAINING! yay!!!

Coat: Banana Republic $I cant remember!
Skirt: H&M $5
Boots: Target $20
Belt: Gap

In other news I re did my wall!
(real wall not facebook wall. just sayin)

I also got Leninade!Join the party! A taste worth standing in line for!

This made me laugh! So i had to get it!
It actually tasted really good too.....

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has your mother. I hope shes doing well! Sorry, theres not much on my mind today :P <3 Thanks for reading


At the Bottom of Everything

Hey baby hey baby hey I'm back! I'm not dead! But my computer was! The stupid charger broke and they cost like $100 but my mom splurged and got me one!!! so i'm back baby!

MUSIC: At The Bottom Of Everything by Bright Eyes (this song is amazing! the beginning is talking but i love it ! Thank you Rhi!)

Like two weeks ago I wore but couldnt post:

A little dress up but will probably wear this week:

Denim Dress/mens shirt: H&M $5
Tights: 99cent store
Boots: H&M
Hat: H&M
DUDE like everything i own is from H&M now!

except this outfit....
Top: Urban $9
Jeans: Wal-mart $20
Belt: Gap $?
Buckle: Chucks closet (i still don't think he knows i took it :P)
Shoes: Moms Closet eeeeeeeeppppp

yuuupp thats a stupid silly band or whatever there called! I'm against them...but found this one so am wearing it...which makes me stupid!

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has our philosophies. We are doing this thing for english were we have to write our philosophies on subjects like love and truth and other things like God. We are reading all these amazing quotes from old dead guys and I just want to tell you some of my favorites.
"I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did i wish to practise resignation, unless it was guite necessary. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life." Henyr David Thoreau. Have you seen dead poets society? This is like the main quote from it. You know, at the meetings and then the lead guy kills himself because of part of this. Anyway! I love this quote. "If the stars should appear one night in a thousand years, how would men believe the remembrance of the city of God which had been shown!" Emerson. I love love love this one! I think because some people looke up at the stars and think cool, and others don't even look up. But if they only came out once, everyone would see the true beauty and magic in them that we don't when we see them everyday. Ya know?!? Anyway thats all for now <3 Thanks for Reading!


My Body Is a Cage

Music: My Body is a Cage by Arcade Fire

I Wore:

Top: My moms Emanuel Ungaro!
Shorts: Marshalls $3 (about five sizes to large but hey! thats what a belts for!)
Belt: (speaking of) chucks buckle and my belt... $free?
Shoes: My moms FERRAGAMOS she gave me!!!!! I love love love her!
Necklace: (broken and not finished but i needed a gold necklace) made

Looking at these photos made me realize how much i need a haircut

SO TODAY was the second day of school. Usually school is block schedule but for these past two days we've been having regular schedule where it goes first second third....continue till the end, rather then a day: 1st 3rd 5th b day: 2nd 4th 6th, wich i love so much more! it goes back to that tomorrow, however it doesnt stop me from still having things due tomorrow because of the regular schedule!!! Bleeeehhhhhhhhhhh hw that i should be doing!

Things that happened:
Nothing. Did work. Learned more about class room rules. OH! the foreign exchange person wasnt there today. That kind of made me sad :( Not that i would have talked to him anyway (im kinda shy) but still! his missing presence made me a little down. OH! And Rhi and i mad names for two more people (Zebra and Thought Process) and thats about it.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has our body. I know thats a little strange but what i mean is how we look. I think we seperate ourselves from people who don't look a lot like us. We tend to shut out the people who don't look the way we do. Not just that though. I'm also want to say something about how our bodies and the way we look hold us back from doing things we want. The way we look sometimes seperates us from not just people, but also things that we would like to do. Look at yourself right now and see if you can find a place where you would fit in perfectly just by the way you look. I am sure we all can do it. I am talking about weight, color, size, age, muscles, or none. Things like that, that tend to sepearate us and keep us from doing amazing and exciting things, just because we think we cant or don't think people will accept us. Let me say something that is cliche. Ready? We are all beautiful in our own ways. There. Thats all. Don't let it stop you. <3 Thanks for reading. Please Follow :)


I Will Hang My Head, Hang My Head Low

Music: The Crane Wife 3 by The Decemberists

So today was the first day of school...UGHHH!!!! I know you probably don't care about this that much but i shall tell you all about  my wonderful (horribble), beautiful (ugly), and lovely (icky) day. Okay okay it wasn't that bad! i know! but school? YUCK! the word makes me wana throw up my lunch (that i packed in a hello kitty lunch box, and had spagetti in it but i forgot a fork so i couldn't eat it!).

(i love how you can see the inside of my closet peeking through! yep, those are my rainboots)

and that stupid date!!! i want to kill it! but i don't know how!!!


Jacket: H&M $20 (thats the most ive spent in a long time!)
Shirt: Tshirt store or factory or whatever its called $2
Shorts: Moms cut jeans
shoes: H&M $20 (except for these shoes....(regarding my statement on the jacket))
Glasses: H&M $1 (I was really worried these were the shades that Jessica had and she would think i was copying her...but i wasnt! i swear! they were a dollar!)

So i have all my outfits planned out for the next two weeks....so i think i'll be posting almost every day!!! yay!
finally! back to how it was when i first started!!!

Things that happened:

Nothing really.....i don't get my locker till monday! which means i wont be bringing that lunch box again cuz it was annoying to carry around. Lets seee..... I have AP Psych. first, which is full of a bunch of seniors i don't know (and this one kid that i recognize from somewhere....(long story)) and then i have comp lit (english, i don't know why they call it that...well i do but english is just much easier to say and print) which is normal....except i sat in back of this guy who had a giant mohawk and i tried to resist from poking it. Chem i have with JWU! (fascinationdrop.blogspot.com) but we don't sit by each other, and in back of me (OMIGOSH!) theres an exchange student!!! i got so excited!!! i really wanted to ask him what shopping was like there....but then i remembered he was a teenage boy and wouldn't give me a good answer. Anyway! i plan to make friends with him....somehow...... (rhiannon i need your help to pick a nickname)

I then proceeded to dance where....i was late because freshmen where holding up the stairs! and when i walked in Ms simmons (the teacher) gave me one of her death glares. And i was so looking forward to seeing a teacher i knew! And then i was talking while she was talking (no no!) and she gave me another one, this one longer, even though i wan't the only one!!! I don't really think she ever liked me....
ANYWHOO, that was my day, i have other classes but it all goes down hill from there.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has all the narrow minded people of the world. I don't mean to sound harsh but that is probably you. It's really all of us. We all say "gosh, i hate narrow minded people" but honestly, who are you trying to fool? We are all closed minded in our own way. Examples: When you wont try a certain food because of how it looks or because you've never had it before. When you wont listen to a certain kind of music because you don't like an artist or two that plays that kind. When you look at someone and decide you don't like them based on what they look like. When you wont go somewhere or do something because you "don't want to". When you refuse to listen to someone talk because it's not what you believe.  We all do some of these things. I'll admitt that i basically do all of these things. Do you? I don't mean to offend and i don't mean to ramble, i'm just saying that maybe we should all try to open ourselves up to new places, new people, new music, new foods, and new beliefs! I think that would make for a wonderful world! Wouldn't you agree?!? <3 Thanks for reading!

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Do you?

I went to a birthday party yesterday and we camped out in the front yard around a fire and talked and stayed up all night. We talked about tons and tons, but one thing that came up was some people saying how they would rather live in a different time or decade and how you are faced with things like death and all that morbid stuff that makes you feel depressed and forget everything.

Then, i got an email from my mom about one of her old family friends. She has cancer.


"Fuck you cancer, you are not going to run my life, I am. I’m going to do the things I like to do..."

This was said by the writer of the blog One Little Head.

This woman is fighting the dreaded cancer. I don't know her personally, and my mom only has memories of her, but she is a person. She has recently decided to quit chemo and her doctor told her she only has a 1% chance of living.  IMAGINE being told that!

I don't think we realize everything we have and what we could have in the future. She is being told she doesnt have a future. But you do. So don't forget that! When my friends and I were talking about living in a different time or being in the world at the wrong time, I found how stupid that sounded. I don't mean to be mean (especially if one of you friends are reading this) but seriously! We were born in this time, with this life. So stop thinking about everything you don't have, everything you want, and everything you hate. Stop thinking for a while and just LIVE. You have one life. Don't waste it.

At any rate, please visit One Little Head it is not like the fashion blogs you probably read, no pictures, just the truth about a woman diagnosed with cancer.

My mom and I really want to do something nice for her. If you have any suggestions please leave me a comment :D

And an outfit just so this post isn't all that far off from my normality

top: marshalls $3
trousers: Gap $10
shoes: Old Navy $8

Today my balloon is with Kristina. You can be that 1.


I wana soak up the sun, got my 45 on so i can rock on!!!

-Sheryl Crow

Music: Feist- I feel it all

AHHHH!!!! Summer is almost over, which means SCHOOL! eep. The only thing I like about summer ending is i can finally wear those school clothes I got about a month ago and have been trying not to wear! its been very difficult!!!

Fun with my balloon:

I think i might use one of these as the picture for the heading. I'm not sure yet, but if you hop on to this blog and see the heading is one of these...then well i decided for it :D

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has expectations. I am going into the school year with 6 new pairs of schoes i didn't need, a blue streak in my hair, a few extra pounds of love on me, and low expectations of the year. However, sometimes it is good to have low expectations to me, then when things come your way you are overcome with joy/sadness/other emotions, that you never expected and cherish them that much more. On the other hand though, sometimes expectations are good to have, almost like a goal that sets everything in motion. Without them you are just riding out time without any form of possibility of what could happen. With that in mind i decided to create a School Year Resolution List:

Here we go...

1. Do yoga/ pilates once a day to work on my center (ur welcome Ms. Simmons), balance, breathing, and strength
2. Wear all of the clothes in my closet at least once this year, minus my coat that i  plan to wear in new york during winter in my dreams.
3. Dance my a** off, which i will have to do anyway. 5 classes a week not including dance at school. Blehhh
4. Get all A's (i count AP B's as A's!)
5. Try not to cry as i do my AP US History homework
6. Make at least 2 new friends
7.  Talk to one of the following people rhi and i gave nicknames to from  a far : Buddy Holly Guy, Nice Kid, Making Friends, Devon, Jesus, Robert, Folds, Bryson, Jim Morrison.....thats all i can remember....

So there you go. My expectations for this year. What are yours?

PS: Click THIS LINK and read a short story i wrote and rate 5 ***** so it can get in the magazine :) thanks a bunch!!!