I Will Hang My Head, Hang My Head Low

Music: The Crane Wife 3 by The Decemberists

So today was the first day of school...UGHHH!!!! I know you probably don't care about this that much but i shall tell you all about  my wonderful (horribble), beautiful (ugly), and lovely (icky) day. Okay okay it wasn't that bad! i know! but school? YUCK! the word makes me wana throw up my lunch (that i packed in a hello kitty lunch box, and had spagetti in it but i forgot a fork so i couldn't eat it!).

(i love how you can see the inside of my closet peeking through! yep, those are my rainboots)

and that stupid date!!! i want to kill it! but i don't know how!!!


Jacket: H&M $20 (thats the most ive spent in a long time!)
Shirt: Tshirt store or factory or whatever its called $2
Shorts: Moms cut jeans
shoes: H&M $20 (except for these shoes....(regarding my statement on the jacket))
Glasses: H&M $1 (I was really worried these were the shades that Jessica had and she would think i was copying her...but i wasnt! i swear! they were a dollar!)

So i have all my outfits planned out for the next two weeks....so i think i'll be posting almost every day!!! yay!
finally! back to how it was when i first started!!!

Things that happened:

Nothing really.....i don't get my locker till monday! which means i wont be bringing that lunch box again cuz it was annoying to carry around. Lets seee..... I have AP Psych. first, which is full of a bunch of seniors i don't know (and this one kid that i recognize from somewhere....(long story)) and then i have comp lit (english, i don't know why they call it that...well i do but english is just much easier to say and print) which is normal....except i sat in back of this guy who had a giant mohawk and i tried to resist from poking it. Chem i have with JWU! (fascinationdrop.blogspot.com) but we don't sit by each other, and in back of me (OMIGOSH!) theres an exchange student!!! i got so excited!!! i really wanted to ask him what shopping was like there....but then i remembered he was a teenage boy and wouldn't give me a good answer. Anyway! i plan to make friends with him....somehow...... (rhiannon i need your help to pick a nickname)

I then proceeded to dance where....i was late because freshmen where holding up the stairs! and when i walked in Ms simmons (the teacher) gave me one of her death glares. And i was so looking forward to seeing a teacher i knew! And then i was talking while she was talking (no no!) and she gave me another one, this one longer, even though i wan't the only one!!! I don't really think she ever liked me....
ANYWHOO, that was my day, i have other classes but it all goes down hill from there.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has all the narrow minded people of the world. I don't mean to sound harsh but that is probably you. It's really all of us. We all say "gosh, i hate narrow minded people" but honestly, who are you trying to fool? We are all closed minded in our own way. Examples: When you wont try a certain food because of how it looks or because you've never had it before. When you wont listen to a certain kind of music because you don't like an artist or two that plays that kind. When you look at someone and decide you don't like them based on what they look like. When you wont go somewhere or do something because you "don't want to". When you refuse to listen to someone talk because it's not what you believe.  We all do some of these things. I'll admitt that i basically do all of these things. Do you? I don't mean to offend and i don't mean to ramble, i'm just saying that maybe we should all try to open ourselves up to new places, new people, new music, new foods, and new beliefs! I think that would make for a wonderful world! Wouldn't you agree?!? <3 Thanks for reading!

ps. please follow!!!


  1. girl... cute outfit and i LOVE your new style for the photos.. looks great with the high contrast and the white sheet. KEEP DOING IT!
    and i love the hm jacket.. told you that i was gonna get it... it was too close to givenchy to pass up.. but yeah i didn't get it haha


  2. OH AND GOODNESS... YES THE EXCHANGE STUDENT.. i would killl to be friends with him hahah!! he sounds so awesome!


  3. I love the jacket! $20 is a lot for me to spend as well, I think I've spent my entire life thrifting or having serendipitous garage finds. xD

    I adore the color of your hair as well. :)

  4. i love that jacket! very alexander mcqueen.

    i took AP Psych in high school, learned a heck of alot of stuff. good luck in school!

    ...look closer

  5. Love the jacket so badly! The print is really amazing!

  6. wow, your school sounds so much more interesting than mine! i think the only good thing about my back to school was getting to wear a black jumper instead of a maroon one because i'm in year eleven! it must be kinda annoying having to pick an outfit everyday, but then i guess you don't look all gross and nun-ish! xo

  7. love your blazer!!


  8. In love with your jacket.
    They didn't have it once I got to the H&M a while back.

    Couture Me: lorenachouza.wordpress.com

  9. Love that little jacket! <3


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