The Existing Perfection

Music: I'm in love with a girl by Big Star

What I wore:


Dress: Originally from Anthropology $88 but i got it from tjmax $24 (SCORE!) Boots: Target $15

Romper: wal-mart $10, boots: target $15

I got this look from Harpers Bazaar. (picture below) Button up: $1 Repeat Boutique, Jeans: Urban Outfitters mens $10, Blazer: free from neighbor Shoes: Urban $5, bag: Moms closet


compare to: jacket: Boss Black $495, Shirt: $49.50 Gap, jeans: $555 Ralph Lauren

Quote of post: The true perfection of man lies not in what man has, but in what man is.
-Oscar Wilde

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has perfection. It flies up to the sky viewing all in imperfect people of the world as it rises. What is your view on perfection? Do you believe is exists or not? I always hear people say "Nothings perfect" or "there is no such thing as perfection" but i believe there is. The word perfect is a word, yes, i mean you can look it up in the dictionary and there will be a definition, but I mean perfection in the sense of perfection. If that makes any sense at all. I believe that perfection is something we seek. I think that perfection is just a mind set. For example in a partner. We all have traits in our minds that add up to what the perfect person to be with would be. For instance dark hair, maybe blue eyes, funny, sensitive yadyadayada. However, depending on our life and experiences we may meet somebody that changes our view of what we want and suddenly our view of perfection molds around them. They become the image of perfection to you. Then there is also other things we call and try see perfection in. Maybe a painting? When you look at a painting and you suddenly think that it is just unbelievably beautiful and perfect, it may not be to somebody else. Depending on your mood and how your life is going, that painting might reflect you and everything you believe into it, making it perfect. However the person next to you looking might look away because to them its nothing but another picture somebody made. So basically, i believe perfection exists, you just cant explain what is perfect because what is perfect to you may only ever be perfect to you and change over time to reflect a new perfection. <3 Thanks for reading!