Goodbye Christmas hello New Years!
This Christmas was very...stressful! I felt like i didnt get what i gave you know? I worked really hard and long on presents but i didnt feel like people did that in return for me. Ah well though presents are just a minor detail in the big holiday and i should really be happy that i had people to share it with and at least got something! speaking of which....

mixin and matchin the holiday crap:

Instead of listing everything i'll just say that most everything is from urban except the oxfords that i finally got EEP which are from payless surprisingly and the blue sweater which is from target. Oh! and the santa socks which i have no idea were they are from....they were just in my stocking.

So! What did everybody get for Christmas??????? The one big thing i got was a sewing machine!!! yay!!! now i can actually make the things i draw! Speaking of which my aunt gave me a new sketch book which i was excited about considering ive been drawing on lined paper! Next post i'll put some  sketches up cuz ive made tons! Lets see... what else??? Nothing really. So lets move on shall we???

Christian Lacroix runway Spring couture. I love this because of all the poofs (poufs?), bright and beautiful colors, bows, and random perfect details.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has normality. I dont have a lot to say about it but what is it?  What is normal? is there such thing as normal? Everybody always says "im not normal" about themselves but if enough people arent normal  doesnt that make not being normal the normal? If enough people are crazy and extravagant then it becomes the newest normal thing. I guess normal is a trend really.  If everybody is wearing a trench coat (which is btw very much back!) then wearing a trench coat is the normal thing to wear. So im kind of wondering if because people all evolve into a certain trend without even knowing it (take straight legged jeans) then doesnt that mean everybody is normal. Or is normal just a made up slang we use to describe something not meaning to be analyzed? Or maybe normal really doesnt exist. Nothing is normal, and yet everything is normal. AH! im confusing myself so much! Please help! <3 Thanx for reading


  1. just realised you're a follower! thanks :) and those oxfords are AWESOME xo

  2. Love the blue color on you!
    Suits you!
    X, fashionnerdic.

  3. SUPERCUTE oxfordsss... OMG PAYLESS!!! i love you.. you're like the insane bargain shopper that get's EVERYTHING at the BEST price ever. omg.
    and the dress is cuteeee!!!


  4. I so love all those Lacroix pouf dresses
    And the fabulous tights, and the big earrings.
    I think the third outfit from the top is my fave


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