Philosophy of Love

music: Doctor Blind by Emily Haines  (my friend did a cover to this on youtube.com  click click!)

What i wore:

Jacket: Banana Republic (after christmas sale!:) $18, tights: urban $way too much, Shoes: Ross $9, Turtle neck: limited (express)

Ok so does anybody use any Philosophy products? Well this is kind of random but i was looking at the products and they all have cute sayings and phrases on them that are very inspirational.

"Where there is hope, there is faith. Where there is faith miracles can occur" is my favorite.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has love. It kisses you goodbye as it floats up. Love is everywhere. Its there when you need it. Its there when you dont. Love gives and lets you receive. Love is what keeps us all  together. Lets quote the beatles shall we? "All you need is love." and thats all there is to say. <3 Thanx for reading!


  1. Hi Victoria! Thanks for dropping by. Glad I found your blog. You have style girl. I love your jacket and tights.

  2. cute mustard color. very nice!
    and i don't use philosophy but i saw their products.. they look good! check them at a department store


  3. You look amazing ... and to get that jacket at that price on the after Christmas sale ... how lucky can you get?!

    Philosophy products are quite good ... genius too about those inspirational quotes incorporated into the packaging!

  4. Love your tights and the color of your jacket!

  5. Love your coat and your tights! I've never liked yellow until this year. I love it as the colour of a coat or skirt

    xx Birgit

  6. Thank you twice! for the sweet comment and for the hype :)

    xx Birgit

  7. Gorgeous coat!


  8. very nice mustard colored coat!
    the tights look fantastic with it!


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