Nothing is Something

Music: The Last Shadow Puppets- My Mistakes Were Made for You. I am in love with alex turners voice for some reason. (lead singer of the arctic monkeys also) And their lyrics they write together are just simply amazing. I also love Miles Kanes guitar in this it just sounds so cool.

Today i wore:

its impossible to see the dress with my stupid webcam! its annoying! i forgot 2 edit and zoom for you but you get the picture.
Denim Jacket: Levi from my neighbor so free, Dress: Ross $9, Purse: knock off chanel from used clothing store- technically it was supposed to be $24 but the lady made a mistake and gave it to us for free :)

so i obviously drew this. it look horrible here cuz you cant see it that well. Anyway at first i was focusing on the layered skirt but then i got all crazy and wanted to add a leopard vest and then i copied the Valentino dress but instead made it a shirt and ya.

Ralph Lauren Collectionn. (pic from style.com) for some reason when i thought of Ralph Lauren i always thought of those boring polos. I was obviously very ignorant. Look at this beautiful dress! and that patch work jacket, T-O D-I-E F-O-R

Ok so i am getting the impression that the poncho is coming back in style. I dont know how i feel about that. On the one hand i do have my old ponchos still in my dresser just in case it comes back and on the other im kind of hoping i am getting the wrong impression.
the reason i think this is because i was window shopping (rather online screen shopping) at forever 21 and the big ad came up on it for ponchos here...

Im not going crazy right. this does indicate that the poncho is coming back right? Please tell me how you feel about this! comment =)

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has nothing. But when you think about it nothing is something. Its just like how silence is louder then noise. You notice nothing more then you notice if there is something. Think about it. If you walk into a room and there is nothing, it is just empty, wouldnt you notice that more then if the room was full of stuff? The reason i brought this up is because i was sitting here looking at my room and all the clutter and thought "what would happen if there was nothing in here. If all my things just went *poof*" I think we take our something for granted sometimes. My room is a mess full of things i dont really need. And if i had nothing, and some people really do have nothing, i would really see how much nothing is and how much something i really have. Is that confusing to you? Sorry. Anyway the lesson is dont take any of the things you have for granted! <3 Thanks for reading!

btw its november now which means last post was the first ever post of November which means you guys have put up with me for a month! Yay you! (and new month new font)


Hi! Thanx for commenting! i really enjoy hearing what you have to say!
Its what keeps me posting :D