Line of Death (hehe)

Today i wore:

ps i apologize for my messy room

So my camera was being stupid and wouldnt turn on so i had to use my webcam and as you can tell the photos came out weird! and this is as big as they seem to want to be right now so sorry if you cant see what im wearing but...
Jacket: Crush (probably the only thing i own from there) $25, Pants: Gap $14 (they r exactly like my green ones i wore in an older pot just different color), Love Shirt: American Eagle (gift?), Boots AGAIN! Belt: from a random robe or dress or something.

Ok so my mom wanted us to start making a christmas list already so she knows the kind of stuff i want and i made this and im cutting it out and putting it into a poster of stuff i want (her idea) anyway these are all clothes im in love with from modcloth.com (lovlovelove that site)

i am in freaking love with that little jacket. I dont knowit just is so amazing and for some reaon reminds me of Matilda i dont no why though. And i really want a leopord vest ever since i saw Rachel Zoe's vests for QVC

I also made a list for Forever21 becuz its a little less expensive then those clothes

I think i have a small obsession with jackets but HELLO can you blame me?? Its fall and soon to be winter! I really really want a brown coat that i can wear with just about anything. It looks like i like red in this but i really don't i just like more of the cutt rather the color. This weekend im begging my mom for those shoes.

Erin Fetherston lovelove lovelove love all clothes! Heres a cute video called Dollhouse thats on the website. Cutest thing ever, kind of old and it was for target international but the video is still lovely so watch.

Valentino dress i really like. Its something i can see myself actually wearing.

Chloe fall/winter. Lovelovelove

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has all the deadlines. Even saying the word makes me want to cringe. It seems like everything is put on a deadline and we follow it procrastinating, and rushing at the very end to make it. School for me is the worst and holds the award for most deadlines, but for you it could be your job or just anything really. If you promise your friend to do something, or have an activity outside of work or school that you need to do. It just seems like no matter where you go or what you do a dedline will surely follow. I suppose though without them nothing would be done. You wouldn't have to rush to finish and eventually you might never finish. It's like with my book. I don't have a deadline to write it by so it's taking me forever to write it. Unlike an essay that's due in a week, i eventually have to finish that or else i'll get a horrible grade. Deadlines are kind of the things that keep us in check and keep us from flaking on everything. Well, that's all! <3 Thanks for reading another one of my rambles!


  1. those f21 brogue-ish cutout oxfords are simply amazing.


  2. love forever21 ! has the best stuff, i have so many polyvores based on it!
    real cute blog, am now following of course. please check out mine? :) ells xo


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