Nothing Happening

by Ben Kweller (I randomly got his Cd at the library because he looked like a cutie. It's freaking amazing! Same with Liam Finn! If you have time. You should check them out.)

What I wore:

Flannel: Quicksilver $10
Shorts: Marshalls $4
Belt: Friend
Socks: Dance Costume
Boots: Fossil $40
Necklace: Forever21 $3
Ring: Forever21 $3
Bag: Urban

I made a NEW BLOG!!! in which i plan to post the random pictures i take or find on the interweb and blab about nothing and everything! Check it out and follow!!!

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has death. I know. How morbid! Recently I found out that someone from my school died. I didn't know him but I knew some of his friends. Thats what made it so real i guess. It's like I know people die everyday, but when someone so close dies, even if you don't know them, it just feels...weird. Part of me wished I knew him because from what I heard and read he seemed like a really cool guy, and then I guess it would be normal for me to feel sad. But then part of me is glad I didn't know him because then I wouldn't have all these memories of him and have to relive them everyday knowing that he's gone. I don't know. It's been weird too. I guess I expected it to be like that one Degrassi episode where JT dies and everyone at school is affected by it and all the teachers say things to help the students. But its not. In fact, nobody has really said anything about him dying without me bringing it up. Maybe it's because none of my friends were really friends with him, but still. I expected life to seem....sadder. But then, maybe that's not what death is about. Even though he's gone it kind of made me realize that I should take everything as it comes to me. You know, live life to the fullest. I know everyone says that....but I really need to do just that. Especially me. I know this is gonna sound weird but.... i died once. I mean not like die die like i'm a ghost, just I almost lost my life. when i was really little a car ran threw the gate of my school and my best friend and I were swinging. I was hit, my friend was hit, a teacher, a little boy. I cracked my head open (still have a scar which hair dressers will not let me forget!) and fractured my pelvis. I almost didnt make it! Almost though. My best friend didn't. And the little boy. So for some odd reason I got to live. I got a second chance, which is more then the guy at my school did, or my best friend, or the little boy, and so many people that die everyday. So for me to not live life, to take every breath as it comes, to go outside my door and just...live, seems really, really, really, stupid. Not just me though, everybody. We all were born with one chance to live. So take that chance, and don't dwell on whatever problems you have, we all have em, and just LIVE! <3 Thanks for reading.


  1. DAMN, I love that bag! And that was a deep, deep floating balloon but I completely agree. My Dad almost didn't make it - he was in a car crash when I was about one, if some random guy hadn't pulled him out of the car he would have died. That's really sad about your best friend, but you're right, that might not be what death is about... A guy died at our school, I wasn't in his year though, but it affected all the people who knew him pretty badly. The school was quite sombre for a couple of days... xo

  2. great post and blog here!


  3. Cute blog!
    Nice outfit!
    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!



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