You see a mask from your window at night....

What i was wearing:

1. knit vest: target $? christmas gift
top/dress: tj max $10
shorts: dads cut off jeans
boots: tj max $28?30 maybe?

2. sweater: marshalls $15
3. lace top: h&m $5
shorts: marshalls $3
boots: DSW $60
belt: friends

4. velvet dress: (from when i was 12) Ross $?
oxfords: urban $15

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has me. And I don't think you know a lot about me. I don't think a lot of people know a lot about me, not even the closest ones to me. So here we go! Let's learn!

Lets start with favorites because thats just the easiest thing to begin on. My favorite... book. looking for alaska, band. too many to count. song. too too many to count but as of now ship of promises by villagers. time. summer. love. mother. word. doodle. animal. GiGi. color. yellow. thing. every. And then theres all that stuff in between. What I hate and what I love and who I hate and who i love. Let's just pause there for a moment while i think. I always hear people say that they cover up their emotions so well. Like how they feel, but sometimes i feel like telling them "You really don't" because when you know someone really well there is no hiding your emotions. You are not a good enough actor. You just are not. A lot of people I know do this. And I think people think that I'm always happy or don't have problems. That's what they think. That's because I am a good actor. Not you. If i could be anyone i would want to be myself. Because in all honesty I just cant think of being anyone else, it would just be too weird. All my beliefs would go away and it just wouldn't be the same. I've spent sixteen years working to become who i am and i don't want to throw that away. My friends are the closest thing to perfection to me. They are almost too perfect for me. It's weird how three people can be so much a like but different. It's really weird actually. Compared to everyone at school I feel lost in a whole different world. I don't think I belong in the world of teenagers. Okay okay I am pretty kooky myself but sometimes... they just seem on a whole diffent level then i am on. I don't like when people say they don't like living here. Not because I think that Newport is perfect or anything. No. Just because wherever you go and settle yourself into you will never be happy enough. Newport is amazing. The beach. the weather. And you say you don't like the people here. Well. Theres people everywhere. And they're all the same. Snow is further up the mountain. Rain whooshes past us. The sun comes out when we really need it. And the crime sleeps at night. I love where i live and even though I want to see more. I know I'll be back. I like to make the most out of things. I hate when people don't. Because yeah, life sucks at times, but not all the time. You just don't notice the times that it doesn't because your living in it. You dwell on the times it does because it gives you more reason to hate it. We all have poblems and drama and people who we just want to kick in the face. But if we forget about that... well then life is pretty damn good.
<3 Thanks for reading


  1. I love the black boots in your first outfit, and EVERYTHING in your second. Lace tops can never go wrong :)

  2. love all your outfits, their all really cute!
    really like your boots!
    i've been meaning to read 'looking for alaska'!

  3. Cute outfit! Great post! :o)



  4. pretty outfits! love all of them <3

  5. how cute! i love the one with the nude shorts and lace top


  6. i love these outfits . love the boots . and you have the most amazing pair of legs ever looool xoxo


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