Hi Lovely People!

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OHMIGOODNESS PEOPLE! I haven't been here in forever! I've missed you all and your lovely blogs!

I shall start like usual


Maxi Skirt: H&M $10
Sweater: Wal-mart $?
Boots: DSW $60?
Bag: Urban $20
Belt: Friend

So last time i talked to you I think i said i was working at Wet Seal? Well that is not true. I started working at Arden B. which is a sister store to them, with cuter, more expensive clothes. I then quit last week. Because...well i hated it. And now i am a poor teenager again! Yay!

It was just he holidays, so how was everyones? Mine was superb! Notice anything different about these pictures compared to the ones of my last posts??? NO DATE! I got a new camera!!!!! I was so happy! Now i can finally post!

Christmas was fun, i'm not gonna bother you with all that i got here, you can go to my other blog to here about that!
New years i spent with my friend Eden, while my other friend Rhi was in Las Vegas enjoying herself! E and i went to the beach and took some pictures, and she actually took an okay picture of me!!! I was so happy!!! I'm gonnna put it as my Fb profile pic, i just don't know which one i like the best! So you tell me!

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has the new year! It's 2011, and i have made no resolutions! Mostly because i never follow up on them and actually do what i planned for more then about the first two weeks. Anyway, i think it's important to have a goal, not just each year, but for everything. Life and all that stuff. For now my goal is to get through highschool doing the best i can, while having fun with my friends and family! I'll let you know if i think of anything else!

Hope to post sooner then usual! Thanks for reading!
                                                                            <3 V


  1. gorgeous, you are so pretty. i loved the balance of the voluminous and the fitted on the bottom. love your maxi skirt!

    aww you quit your job? lol.. i probaly would too though :)


  2. I love the outfit and the light of the pics, specially the first.
    I invite you to see my news in Utopia blog :-)

  3. love your sweater!




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