Ship of Memories

MUSIC: Ship of Promises by Villagers


Top: Salvation Army $2
Bottoms: H&M $20
Bag: Urban $20
Boots: DSW $60
Belt: Friend

I went to Salvation Army and got a bunch of stuff for about $2 each! yay! plus i still need to wear some things i got for christmas! I love clothes :)

Is it weird how much I am obsesses with Katy Perry? Kinda? Okay. I just think she is so beautiful and talented! Normally, if you havent noticed by the music i select, i don't listen to pop music. However, i find myself constantly putting on her latest CD! Yes, i admit I am one of those people who blasts out singing Fireworks whenever it comes on the radio! I even made a lyrical dance to one of her songs....

These are from he Bazaar shoot. I'm obsessed, and i really want to hang the first picture on my wall of magazine spreads i like in my room :P

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has memories. Those amazing moment you share with someone and can never forget. All those thoughts that run around your head of when you were a kid playing with your toys and your friends. All those laughs you shared secretly. Ahhhh memories :) I hope i never forget you!
Thanks fo reading.

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  1. It's not weird at all :) Katy Perry is gorgeous! And I love your boots and bag:)

  2. love this outfitttt :D your blouse is great, and so are the zippers on those pants. wow, katy perry looks gorgeous in that shoot!


  3. thanks for your comment!!:) xxx

    your blog is awesome too, love it!


  4. Great top for $2!

    Im your newest follower, hope youll want to follow me too : )



  5. oh my gosh, i never new katy perry could look so chic. the teenage dream video was more my style than most of her others, the soft lighting and whimsy. anyway - great post. i love it.

    happy friday! xo


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