Pretty Little Liar

What i Wore:

Sweater: Target $?
Skirt: Old Navy $2
Boots: Old Navy $11
Belt: friend $?

So i had competition this weekend for dance and I had a few hours in between dances so my mom and i went over to the old navy somewhere is San Diego. I never really liked old navy because their clothes were a little boring but omigosh! they were having a big sale and i got 3 skirts for $2 each and a shirt for 97 cents! annnndd a dress for like $10. It was all very amazing. So you will probably see a lot of old navy here in my next few posts :)

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon doesnt have anything inspiring! I just really want to know if anyone else watches pretty little liars and did you see the season finale? OH MY GOSH!!! I wont say anything more because i'm sure no one else wants to talk about this. But i will leave you a picture of Ian Harding who plays Ezra Fitz.

<3 Thanks for reading


  1. lurrrve this contrast of collahhh here!
    great blue.. it's lovely.
    btw.. i like your litle pictures on the side.. it's great...
    "mcqueen forever, shit happens"
    its great


  2. I love this outfit. That colour blue is so nice :)

    Great blog and I'm now following :)


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