Movie Quotes

Music: Lift Me Up - French Films

What I Wore:

Button Up: Ross $7
Sweater: Marshalls $15
Shorts: Moms old pants
Tights: 99cent store
Boots: Old Navy $19
Necklace: F21 $3
Bracelet: Aunts

Today wasn't the best outfit day but I really needed to post! It was super cold today and i really wanted to wear a sweater. Inspired by alexa chung, i put a collared shirt under and wore my hair loose and messy.

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has movies! On rainy days like this, all i want to do is hide under my covers and put on a good flick to watch! I love watching movies, and especially when i find a wonderful one, because its just kind of fun to be in a whole other world for a portion of time, consumed with what the characters are going to do next, just like a good book, except you get to actually see what everything is rather visualize it yourself. My favorite movies are the ones with really good lines or narration with good messages about.... anything.

here are some lines from my favorite movies: hehe


  1. gah i totally see alexa chung in this!! it's uncanny! :)
    love the color of your sweater contrasted with the black. and cute unicorn necklace ;)


  2. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind <3<3<3

    love your blog :)




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