Stop the Change...or keep going....dont listen to me. i see how it is

I wore: (photoshoot with myself)

Lace Blouse: American Cancer Society $2 dolla, Skirt: Tj max (u should go) $9, Shoes: Urban $5


Love both of the jackets she is wearing. The first one is Mulberry and second is Pollini. Pictures from Teen Vogue. I dont read teen vogues as much as i do bazaar and W, but i do like looking in it to get ideas for outfits i can actually consider wearing.

Quote of Post: “We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance.” -Harrison Ford

My floating Balloon: Today my balloon has change. The thing with Change is that it comes around in moments you don’t even expect. It rarely gives you prior notice, it just happens. Sometimes you don’t truly think that change is occurring when it does. The simple movement is change. But it is not the simple movements that we dwell on, it is the giant actions that make us stop in our tracks and either embrace the change or crawl up and cry. Another deal with Change is that sometimes it doesn’t stick around too long. Things that once changed, change again. Sometimes totally different, and sometimes back to how it once was. Change is just very confusing and hard i suppose. <3 Thanks for reading.


  1. I love the outfit your wearing, it's very pretty :)

  2. Cute outfit...I love your bike!!

  3. these pictures are so cute1 loved the blouse


  4. Hi adore, the bike and the great philosphy! Thanks for your comment, look forward to your next post! Sharon xx


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