Imagine me Little

Music: Weezer- I want you to. (with all the random bands and music i like and while i differ all the times in my music choice... i will still always love Weezer. you just cant beat em.!. and this song puts me in a good mood so alls good :)

finally scanned those sketches! yay heres some only some but there enough!


so basically i did everything in a evening gown sort of deal and a close twin in a sort of cocktail dress...well not really more just a shorter version, with some twists in each.

i wore:

Hokay so i think im gonna do a quote of the post dealy-oh every post! new thing...may not last lets just see shall we?

mk sorry you cant see the outfit that swell :D dress: moms closet,  boots; moms (urban black friday score) $5, scarf: walmart $5, black belt you cant see: free from somebody... gold bracelet you also cant see: neighbors

quote of post: "Imagination rules the world" - Napolean Bonaparte

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has our minds and our imagination. It floats up to the sky dreaming its a bird flying through the air or a rocket heading to space. I feel as we get older the world or just society takes our imagination from us. When you were little and you said that you were pretending you were a superstar rocking out on stage, people would think you were cute and your friends would ask to join. Now if you tell someone that (maybe not that exactly) people would look at you weird. Now its as if imagination is just a far past memory only to stay in the back of your scrapbook behind the memories of you at your first dance or date, or whatever. People always want to grow up but i have a hard time seeing the perks. Job. rent. insurance. all work and no play. Is it so weird to just want to go home from a long day at school and play barbies or play resturant with my bff like the olden days? Growing up is growing up and believe me i know its going to happen whether i like it or not, i just wish my imagination would be able to be let free out of the jail cell in my mind guarded by the world of boy troubles, periods, and homework. in a perfect world i would say that im going to stop listening to everybody around me and just do what i want to do and not care about what people think. But i just cant do that. so instead i shall complain to you guys :D <3 Thanks for reading!


  1. great drawings!! :)


  2. Great sketches..i love the pics in the post below!!

  3. Right? I never want to grow up.

  4. Thanks for the sweet comment -- yeah, I'm just incredibly lucky, haha.

    And wow, these are fantastic sketches, keep it up!

  5. love the first sketch!
    haha napoleon! bonaparte! is! awesome!



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