Avant garde love

Amazing Hair: avant garde

Darian Bishop

Nicholas French

Lina Shamoun

These are pictures from NAHA which are hairstylist awards. Its is amazing how these hairstylists used hair to create these amazing pieces of art. I love the authenticity of the first stylist. the colors of the black and bronze make it look almost rustic or old fashion. The second stylists first picture almost gives an idea of wings wich is just beautiful! and i love how the last stylist uses different shapes for each one and its all cut very perfectlyl.

New Boots!

yay target! I thought they were $30 when i found em randomly in an isle and then we went up to get them and they were half off!! $15 for my new favorite pair of boots!!!!!

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has the one person you can count on no matter what. You may have many people like that, and some might not even have one. I know i can count on my friends, especially my best ones, but the one person who i am lucky enough to say i can always count on is my mother. I know it sounds cheasy but its true. She one of my best friends, which is not very common for a teenager to say. She is always there when i need to talk about school or friends and she can always tell me straight forward, without missing a beat,  what the hell my problem is! haha. and luckily she also has a great sense of fashion so whenever i walk out my door i can count on her telling me whether or not i can go out the door. For almost my whole life its just been the too of us which is why i think we are so close. Having a person like that is important and i hope everybody does at somepoint in there life. <3 Thanx for reading!


  1. OMGGGGGG I AM JEEEALLUUUSS OF THOSE BOOTS. gorgoeous. i needddd to find a pair like that!
    yr the best bargaineer ever hahha!!!
    the hair is crazy too, very lady gaga :D


  2. Awh, I just love thest photos :) it's like sth that Lady Gaga might like. But I like it too, so maybe I'm just as crazy as she is :)


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