The Glass is Half__ (Fill in Blank)_____

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Today I wore:

Another D&G reference! This one i couldnt find online so i took a pic of it from my wall (as you can see by the flash) This dress inspired me for my outfit i wore today! ^ Dress: Urban Outfitters $9, Tights: Drug store :) $1, Boots: Crossroads Trading $10

Its raining again! I love the RAIN! And in honor of how much i love the rain here is Audrey Hepburn (who i also love) with an umbrella. Today i rode my bike to school and it was pouring out! I got totally soaked but it was fine because i love the rain! 
My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has all the bad stuff we feel. We all cheer as they all go away. If i could only feel happy and look at life in a glass half full kind of way, maybe life, actually life would seem way more grand. I constantly look at life through a pessimistic point of view and thats just not good! I honestly don't think im the only one though! Although we put on a fake facad at school or work deep down inside i think all of us have a little doubt of whats going to happen or what we want to happen. The thing is although sometimes we don't realize it we really do have a choice of if we are going to be optimistic that day or not. Theres always going to be that bad stuff in our life like our past, or the present or looking into tomorrow, that we just cant control. The thing is you can control how you look at that bad stuff and somehow turn the other cheek or just turn it into something good.Thats my lesson for today! <3 Thanks for reading!  


    i didn't know u had a blog
    but anyways its EMILY!
    i like ur floating balloon thingy, it doesn't sound like you, its so sophisticated.
    i bet youre good at writing essays haha.
    YEP. thats it.

  2. I LOVE your look and the inspiration!

  3. i loved that rainy day outfit vickyy ;D


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