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My very first blog post ever! This is exciting. Well, obviously i am new to this whole blogging thing and just want to start out by saying hi. Hi! I am Victoria, a 15 year old girl whos just trying to survive life. Basically i am me.

Thats basically me. I love to design fashions but cant actually create them (i suck at sewing). The girl i drew basically sums up who i am and what i like to wear. I love fashion and while i dont have a specific style i do know what i like. I love to look different then everybody else, and hate just wearing a tshirt and jeans. The only reason i actually wake up in the morning instead of rehitting my snooze button is to find that perfect outfit that represents the day. Not just fashion but i love to write. I am currently writing a novel (or trying to finish one) called...well theres actually three! Thats one of my problems i start writing and then it gets really great but then theres this dry spot and i stop for a moment and get a new idea for another book. (ill make sure i put a section of one of my books up here sometime).

Okay so...the other day i made this design its a skirt with half of the american flag on it and half england, with a huge bow around the waist. Then yesterday i had NO HOMEWORK! it was amazing, and so i had a bunch of free time. So i went on this sight i used to go on for old times sake called girlsense.com and basically what you do is you create your own store and make your own fashions and then sell them at your store for girlcents. So i created this and was amazed at how easy it was because a few years ago when i used to go on this site you couldnt do anything! Anyway i thought that was pretty cool. Now everytime i design something cool im going to go on and make a doll version online!

 My floating balloon: Today my floating balloon has my childhood memories. I had to right an essay about the games we played when we were kids and i realized that im not considered a kid anymore. And while people my age cant wait to grow up i find myself wanting the past even more. As i looked back at all the things i played when i was little i thought how today, right now, at my current age it would be considered weird to play those games and it sucks! I loved dressing my barbies  and creating worlds for them, but if i got out that big box in the back of my closet my friends would all think im crazy. People older always say they wish they could be a kid again, and these years were the best years of their life. There must be a reason for that! We rush through life so quick i dont think us kids take time to realize what we have and what we are leaving behind as we grow older. 
Music: The song playing in my head today is More Than This by Vanessa Carlton. Its one of my favorite song and has great lyrics that really sums up everything i just wrote! Listen well! 
Dont forget to comment and check out whats floating in my balloon next time!

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  1. great sketches + designs victoriaa :D
    i'll link your blog



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