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Today i wore:

In the first picture: top-$1 the repeat boutique shorts: dads cut off levis necklace: $7 walmart
2nd picture: top- free jacket-wetseal $35 jeans-pacsun $20 necklace- used, free
So i am a super bargain shopper! everything i but is usually under 20 bucks and that jacket was a major splurge. I could seriously care less about the name thats on the tag, as long as its cute and i can create an outfit with it ill take it. The other day i went to this used clothing store across the street called the Repeat Boutique and they had a whole rack of clothes for a dollar and i was in heaven! I bought the pink top above and cute dress i saw a few months ago on sale at a regular store for $40! I was amazed!!!!!!!!

My floating balloon: Today my balloon has my creativity. Everyday i find myself striving to do something creative wether its drawing clothes or writing my story i always want to do something that expresses myself. However as i look back at some of the things ive created i start comparing them to someone elses. When i write i catch myself saying in my head "what would Sarah Dessen say?" When really i should be thinking "what should I say?" Or when I draw a fashion design i start changing something i had always done because one design i saw didnt do that, her arm wasnt positioned this way, her hair didn't look like this. I start critisising myself for the things ive made because they arent as good as one of my friends or the thing i say in a magazine. However, i realized the other day when i caught myself doing this that even if i changed this one simple thing it would never be as good as that thing i saw in a magazine. No matter how much i change there will always be something better, and thats just life. You could be the best in your class at one thing but when you get out of that class there is still most likely someone better then you at the school or in the world. Instead of trying to be better then someone or try to be more like someone i just need to realize that my creativity is mine and whatever i put down on paper or make up is straight from me and thats the best i can do. 

 <3 Thanx for reading! More to come!

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