Don't Hate Because You Can

Okay, so i decided every sunday i would make a list of the things i really like. This one is just fashion but i might mix it up with music or books or something! - 1. Is a Roberto Cavalli dress that i love with a deep burning passion. It is just so amazing i dont know how to describe it. 2. Is a pair of Hudson Jeans that i love. They are made to look destressed and have pieces of the english flag patched in. 3. Is a Vera Wang dress that i love! Seriously when i die i would like to be burried in that please! If only i had a place to wear it and a few hundred dollars lying around! 4. A pair of Balenciaga heels that i adore. I was looking through W magazine and found an advertisement and she was wearing shoes like this and i completely fell in love. Although these are not the exact ones i fell in love with they are still amazing. To see the ones go to balenciaga.com and the first picture you see is the picture i saw. 5. Is one of the 09/10 fall/winter bags for chanel. This one caught my eye mostly because of the beautiful color. 6. Is surprisingly Volcom. On the back of my September issue of Nylon the ad for What Happened to Melody Malone struck me with her wearing this jacket. I was so surprised to find that it was Volcom because usually there clothes are just jeans and t-shirts!

=Thats a preface of one of my books called Forever in my mind (Sorry if you cant read it). It isnt all that great and i'll probably add later one for another book that im working on. Basically the story is about a girl who loses her sister and its just her and her dad and they move to get away from everything to a small town were she meets a boy name luke who she obviously falls in love with but something happens to him in a car accident. Then something magical happens and suddenly everythings as if he had never died. She learn that this will only last five days and times just giving her an extra chance to say goodbye. Blah blah blah he convinces her while hes still there to investigate what really happened to her sister and ya! Its better writing in the actual book. I need to finish it! My friend Eden just finished one of her books and its really great! i havent finished reading it yet but its called Meet Me in Minnesota. Shes a great writer and if she publishes it keep an eye out cuz shes gonna be the next Stephenie Meyer!
My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has all the haters of the world. I laugh as they float up there screaming to come down. Have you noticed that in a group or a class room there is usually one person you have to worry about judging you? It's as if they are stuck in there small world were all they do is think of ways to say something mean about what you said or what you are wearing. I would love a world were i could just be me all the time without having to worry about what one person thinks. I thought of this because yesterday i was on youtube looking at this video i love of dk1 (if you dont know him heres a link Paper Cranes Song) and i scrolled down to leave a comment when i saw what someone had wrote. It was horrible! He was judging him and making nasty comments because dk1 is gay and he thought his song was horrible! It all goes back to the saying everybody knows "if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it at all" and yet here this person is judging someone that had the courage to make a video for the world to see. As my eyes made it past this terrible comment i saw someone elses comment above basically saying everything i was thinking. They wrote how ignorant this person must be and how if you dont like the video dont watch it and dont leave stupid comments saying it. Anyway i think the world would be a better place if people just stopped judging everybody if they decide to step out of what is known as "normal" and just be themselves. Thats my little lesson of the day. <3 Thanks for reading! 3 fans yay!

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