Dreams Unite

I have Mika songs in my head! especially "We are golden" so i think im gonna put that in my player! I loved when this song was in the Make it or Break it finale! Now its on the Degrassi commercials.
Hats ive made:

Sorry theres so many pictures! i just couldnt choose the one i liked the best so i put em all up! Anyway i made thes a while ago and they have been hanging on my wall. The first two started with a straw hat from michaels and i just stapled feathers and felt on it! The first one has one of our old christmas decorations we would put it under the tree! I just layed it on the hat and circled it so it would look as if there was a flower almost on it. The last one i made out of an old cardboard box. I cut a strip and then stapled felt on. (glue wouldnt make it stay) Next time i make another hat ill do a step by step thing!

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has all my dreams, and im not talking about my hopes and stuff, just my dreams. Everynight when my head hits the pillow i think of a story i want to be told as i fall asleep. I think of the people and what they are saying and whats happening and hope that maybe that night my dreams will finish it. But somehow my mind takes me somewhere else to a story i wouldve never thought of myself...and yet i did. It's weird how you cant controll dreams. At times i wish i could and other times im glad i cant. Dreams inspire me to write. A few times i have dreamt something and have actually used it in my book. To me dreams are the common connection everybody has. Think about it, i'm sure we all have dreamt something that has made us wonder why. Or maybe something that you really wish you hadnt dreamt. Or even someone in the dream you never thought would be in it but somehow is. I think dreams are the closest thing we have to a fairy tale or to magic. I think thats why i love dreams so much! <3 Thanks for reading!

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