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Ok so the first picture is the ad for Swatch that im in love with! I first saw it in Nylon and quickly put it on my wall! i love the whole concept and the outfits! Even though the girl towards the fronts outfit is beautiful (especially the blouse) the girl in the background caught my attention the most, im absolutly in love with the whole outfit! The second picture is the ad for Dolce and Gabbana. I love all their ads and clothes but with this one i adore the dress with Marilyn Monroes face on it. I could never pull it off but a girl can only dream!
I wore:

Jacket: Crush $20, MJ Shirt: Tj max $7, Pants: Gap $16 (i also wore my short black boots from crossroads trading, but you cant obviously see them!)

Again i went on girlsense and created a doll wearing what i designed on paper. Although it isn't exactly what i drew i still think its pretty close to what i was hoping for.

My floating Balloon: Today my balloon has the things i love. I wave as my friends and family float up to the sky. Its amazing how often we take the people and things we love for granted. Everyday we see these people that are there for us but we really dont think about what it would be like without them. Although i find myself wanting to be alone or fighting with them, really my life would suck without them (haha kelly clarkson). The other day i went into my moms room and layed in her bed with her and realized that i wouldnt be able to do that forever. She always asks me if i want to sleep in her bed like when i was little, but i always think i'm too old when really i should charish those moments she asks and take her up on it because there will be a day when i really am too old to and wont be able to.
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  1. Aww thank you for the comment! Lovely outfit and I totally agree about the ads for Swatch and D&G. Great post,
    Chloe xo


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