Preparing for Life

Its that day again! 1. Paul Smith skirt i really really want! its so amazing looking i love it! 2. Beautiful fendi dress 3. Leopard jacket from Forever 21 i wat a leopard jacket so much! 4. Paper tows by john green, i heard this is a great book and i need to read it, 5. Just Cavalli dress, beautiful. 6. Blumarine yellow trenchcoat!

So i fell in love with Paul Smith! especially Paul by Paul Smith! I love these clothes!!! So here are some looks from the website but im so mad because all the amazing clothes are not for America!!!!!

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has all the preparations for the future. I mean it seems like in our whole life time we are preparing for something. In elementary school we prepare for middle school, in middle school we prepare for high school, in high school we prepare for college, in college we prepare for a job, and when we have a job we're preparing for promotion or retirement, and then we just prepare for death. Its sad really, what if we just stop preparing and just live? I honestly dont think we can just stop though. In order to live in this life time we need a job and we need school and we need to prepare for the things that we need to get in life. I guess what we really have to learn to do is stop once in a while and look around us and just take a break, for even a second just catch our barrings and let life take us. <3 Thanks for reading!


  1. Love the floating balloon idea and what you're saying is so true.

  2. mm lovely blog! I think I'll follow :)

  3. cute stuff and ads. so cute :D



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