Music is the Link

Music: Regina Spektor- Eet. This song inspires me so much for a lyrical dance!
 i wore:

Dress: Ross $10, Black short boots: crossroads $10, Vest: FREE! It was a jacket then i cut the sleeves of and put holes in it and cut the edges, you cant see all the details in the pic sorry! And my new glasses!

Love the line for Volcom! What Happened to Melody Malone?

So the reason i didnt write last night was because  i was at the homecoming football game. We lost. 34 to 6. So sad!
My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has music. I listen as it floats up leaving the world with the loudest thing of all. Silence. Have you ever noticed silence is so very very loud? Because i have. Especially at night or when your in the car and all you can hear is the wind hitting the open window. Music doesnt just drown out silence it also inpires me. I think it does that a lot with everybody though. When i put on and inpiring song it makes me want to write. Either write a story, or even another song. It makes me want to be creative. It does so much! When i need to clean my room or the house i just blast my favorite music and it helps me along. I think music is the conection we have between each other and between the things we want to hide. The things that your too scared to say or think, someone else has used their voice and passion to create something you can relate to. Music is the link to our emotions from feeling happy to sad, depressed or inspired, and helps us find the people that carry the same feelings and love the same music as you. Music is basically the link.


  1. loved your outfit!
    +had that song on my blog for a while too :D

    she's so gorgeous! volcom ad say what?!



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