Race for Time

Today i wore:

Same top as one of my first posts- Repeat Boutique $1, Roxy White and Metalic belt: $4, Black Pencil Skirt: Free from neighbor (i would tell you the brand but the tag was taken off sorry =P )

Balmain runway look! First saw it in the Sunday paper in the Image section and i almost died! That jacket is...theres no words! im in love with it, and i know i say that about a lot of things but right now i mean it! All the details are just out of this world.

PPQ's first line for Adidas! So great! Love those lace ups ^ and the stripes are just fantastic! (btw-from nylon mag)

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has time. Everything freezes confused and not knowing what to do. It seems as though time is the ultimate thing in life. It controls everything. Think about, you only have 24 hours each day to complete the things you need completed, not even 24 hours, or you have to wait for the next day to come. Its as if we are all in this "race for time" as people say, all the time! Sometimes it seems like time even plays favorites. Like you could be on its bad side or something. I mean, when you want time to speed up it slows down, or when you want more time it doesnt oblige to that. I guess its all in the mind, for that example but at times it seems so. If time disapeared it really couldnt. Without time we would be a mess, not knowing where to go, when to do it. Time is the way people interact and the way we know what to do. Its just at times (haha) it seems like time is never on your side. I guess you just got to remember then, time is not an actual person and doesnt pick sides! <3 Thanks for reading!

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