Fascination Procrastination

Music: Noah and the Whale! love them! playlist!
Today I wore:

So in the 1st picture the camera had fallen and while it was falling it took this picture and i absolutly love it! ok so Top: TJ max on sale for like $5 Skirt: Wet Seal $9 (i dont know if you can see but there is a cute bow in the front!) Tights: Random drug store again! Obviously you can see buy im also wearing black mary janes from urban outfitters: 2 for 20

Ok now getting into some real fashion...

Ok is this picture everything and more? YES! I absolutly adore this picture! It is from V Magazine and i dont even now what to say... the picture to the left looks almost like a sketch its just AMAZING!

This dress makes my heart skip a beat. Roberto Cavalli! I am in love with everything that is Roverto Cavalli! This is from an article in W magazine called Art Spree i think...ya anyway check it theres an amazing pair of great Dolce and Gabanna heels! heres the link.... 

Beautiful Alberto Ferreti runway look! going with the artsy feel i think todays blog is going towards. heres another gorgeous dress by him

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has all the things i have procratinated on. The balloon slowly foats up heavy and tired carrying everything. Tonight especially i noticed how much i procrastinate, especially with homework. That's the reason i didnt do a blog entry, because i had to finish reading a long chapter in my english book and in my World text book when i had all weekend to do it! What would happen if everybody stopped procrastinating and just get it done right then and their. I personally think the world would be a much better place. Its not just with homework though, its with everything! Like when you tell your friend you'll do something and then dont feel like it later. Its even more then that. Procrastination leads to never. Think about it. Say you hold something for later but something else comes up then you never really do it at all. If you just did it then and there, then that voice in the back of your head wouldnt be nagging you reminding you that you need to do something, not letting you enjoy what you are doing at that moment, and eventually making you feel bad because you never did it. That happens to me constantly! And its not as if i learn my lesson or anything. In the moment i dont want to do it and saving it for the future seems great, the bad thing is that the future does come and then you are forced to face it, with less time than you had before! Lesson: Dont procrastinate! <3 Thanks for reading! 10 Followers, i <3 each one of you!!!


  1. YOU GOT 10 FOLLOWERS FAST LADY :D proud of my ... er... protege. hahah love this outfit so much. you're quite dedicated. love alberta ferreti a lot too. she's quite geniusss. same with the haute couture ad! it's so avant garde. cute cavalli dress also

    BY THE WAY, this is jessica wu on my sister's account.. too lazy to log off lol :D

    long comment status!

  2. oh my god ! Your blog is so beautiful ! I love the idea i haven't really got the balloon personality thing haha And the song is so wonderful !



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