Morals are Immortal

It rained today! Well really a small sprinkle but its just been so terribly hot that even the slightest sprinkle seems amazing! I found this picture on google search its by La Gazette du Bon Ton called "It's Still Raining"

AMAZING! Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring/summer fashion show. These two are my favorite!!!!

Here are my favorite from the fall/winter collection, kind of going with the rainy season!
Today i didnt wear anything special so im not going to put it up. I was going to put up something i wore on Monday but i forgot to take pictures hehe sorry!

My floating balloon: Today my balloon has all the morals of the world. Monday it seemed as if Morals were the theme of the day. In first period history the topic was Plato and Confucius, and if you are not familiar wtih them Plato was a ruler who wanted a society based on rule and having a ruler while Confucius believed that all people were good and that morals could rule society. However if you really think about it, do you honestly believe that the society we live in today can be run by us believing everybody will do the right thing? And even so, do you honestly want a society were everybody was moral? Although in a small picture having a society were you could believe that everybody would do the right thing seems great when you get closer you may see that having that society will cause for a lot of boring days. Im not saying by any means that you shouldnt do the right thing, because of course you should but a world were everyone was perfect just seems so unperfect. This brings me to my English class, we read the poem The Bleeder, and if you havnt read it i really wouldnt recommend it. Its very disturbing. We also read another poem and i can remember what it was called or which poem got us talking about morals but one did. We brought up the idea of perfection and how if everyone was perfect how would we know they were perfect? I mean think about it! If everybody was perfect the idea of perfection wouldnt exist and there would be no way or reason for having the word perfect. There wouldnt be a line or measurment of what is perfect and what is. Morals are perfection but what is perfection if in todays society perfection doesnt exist? Is that confusing? maybe a little yes. What im saying is perfection is the goal we try to achieve and morals is the way we achieve it. The lesson? well the lesson is morals. Thats it basically. Sorry this balloon was so confusing! =D


  1. thanks for following! i love this balloon thing you do its wicked.
    wow its such a coincedence, ive been learning about moral truth and plato's republic today! about his idea for a perfect world and all that. so crazy. nice blog X

  2. We love Marc Jacobs! He can never go wrong!

    -N + K


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