Shell Games

Music: Shell Games by Bright Eyes (the more i listen to his new cd the more i like it....at first i was like "its not the same!" but then I realize.....THATS WHATS SO GREAT ABOUT IT! Theres new things but then the same things as always!)

What I Wore:

Skirt: Some mall stand $30
Top: Arden B. $0
Belt: friend
Jean Jacket: Kohls $4

I really wanted to wear my leotard with this because its a halter, but i realized i had dance at school today and we change in a locker room...so people in regular pe would probably think i was really weird if they saw that i was wearing a leotard. hehe. 

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has my figure. Which sounds very strange i know. I've put myself on a diet. I finally did it! I was scared to tell anyone at first because all my friends look at me weird whenever i tell them I want to lose weight. They always say "but your not fat" and I know! I never ever would call myself fat, because i'm not. I would like to say that I'm on this diet to eat healthy, but I'm not. I really do want to lose weight. Here is the thing, and my point to this balloon. I don't think I am fat but I'm still not comfy in my body. I want to be a few sizes smaller because I'm not happy being this weight. Last year I was about maybe 10 pounds lighter. And even then i was a smidgen too big. I do not plan at all!!!!!!! to diet anyway that will harm myself! I get really scared that people will think that because i want to lose weight so much. I have made my food plan, my healthy lunches, counted my calories and added them for the perfect, healthy, amount for the day. I just want to be happy in my skin and wear anything i want when i want to. That's all! It's important to be happy in your body even if you are a little big or too small, as long as youre happy then It really doesnt matter. You only live once though, so make sure that you figure out what will make you happy.

<3 Thanks for reading


  1. hahah oh changing the locker rooms ;D
    i love this look, so summery and boho
    and much luck to you on your diet, it sounds like a really good idea to plan and eat healthy.. i wish i could commit myself to that lol!


  2. nice look, is so hippy and amazing skirt!
    i love that kind of skirts :)
    don't mind about what could people think about wear leotards, just wear it!


    PS: it's a good idea to eat healthy, but don't be obssesed!

  3. Love your outfit, I'm going to add you to my blogroll!
    Would love it if you would check out my blog

  4. This is the time for award.. :) I gave you two award, come and check it out.. Lovely.. and Sunshine..

  5. loving this look! the skirt looks perfect for spring. where are your sandals from? they complete the look perfectly.

  6. AH YOU'RE GORGEOUS. I used to NEVER wear maxi skirts - but I've recently discovered their beauty. ADORE. The layering is super genius!

    And gurl, you're so stunning. You don't need to lose weight at all! Be happy and healthy - but don't get too caught up in a number or size. PLEASE :)



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