Steal My Salvation

Music: This Modern Love by Bloc Party

Today I Wore:

I took my $20 of birthday money and went on down to salvation army and got myself some stuff! This whole outfit is salvation army! In total cost about $11

Red Boat Shirt: $2
Black Vest: $5
Denim Shorts: $2
Black Boots: $2

I also got these glasses from salvation army for $1. The lenses in them are about I       I thick. So the old man who wore these was practically blind! I'm going to try and ask my eye doctor to put my lenses in them. Crossing my fingers that they can!

My Floating Balloon: I don't really have anything inspirational to say to you. Probably because my brain is fried from the first day back from school after spring break. So i will leave you with some inspirational pictures/typography

<3 Thanks for reading


  1. Love that sailboat shirt! So adorable. Seriously impressed by your thrifting here.


  2. I love big nerd glasses- they're amazing :)

  3. I totally love your shirt! :)
    and these pictures are so natural <3

  4. what a cheap clothes, and they look awesome!

    like ur red boat shirt :)

    come and visit my blog!


    take care!

  5. You're so adorable! I love all the layerin' you've done. Red is such a fierce colour - you look SO splendid!

    And thanks for all the pictures. I've saved a few on my desktop, tehe. :)



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