If I had my sanity where would i be?

MUSIC: Sun Hands by Local Natives (anyone who has been around me recently knows how obsessed i am with this song. I cant get it out of my head. The transitions in this song are just....amazing i dont know! I just love it)

So i am very sad because right now, as we speak, coachella is happening. If you dont know what that is, its a big music festival here in california. AND let me tell you, almost ALL of my favorite bands are going to be there. Like.... seriously. But i couldnt get tickets because it sold out in the first.....week or less :(
Its very tragic.


i love my drunken looking face in the last one.
My aunt said these are very...green. I agree!
Dress: Urban $10
Socks: School
Red wedges: Target $6

This week has been spring break and i really havent accomplished a whole lot. My room is still a mess and my life is as boring as it always is. I have spent the last few days watching reruns on youtube of my favorite show when i was in 5th 6th and 7th grade called Wildfire. Its about horses...but not really. Thats just the setting, like the revolving thing but its an old abc family show so it has drama and all that good stuff. You know how when you start reading a book or watch a show and you just get really involved in the characters life, like you feel like its your life too and then you finish the book or the seasons over and you feel kind of empty and beside yourself. That's how i feel. I don't know what to do now that ive watched all 4 seasons and well....its been over for almost 4 years. :(


My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has your room. Even if you dont have your own room, you still have that place that kind of shows touches of who you are and makes you feel safe. At least i do. My room is a dead give away of who i am. It shows every aspect of me in every face of my life... and i really like that. It reminds me of who i am and what i've done. I have pictures of my favorite people and artists and bands on my wall, my door, my bulletin board. I have hats on the walls and pictures of fashion issues of W and bazaar magazine stacked on my book shelf to show how much fashion plays a huge part in my life. I have my moms modeling photos and a picture of my two best friends and me framed letting people know the kind of people who make me who i am. I have barbies posed and dolls and stuffed animals to remind me of my childhood. Books and books and clothes and clothes pushed into my closet. Every little thing in my room shows who i am and what i came from, what i like and what makes me...me. If anything all of this just makes me feel comfy. When i lay in my antique bed i got a garage sale or something in my ikea sheets and look around the room i just kind of feel like im in my mind. Its cluttery and messy and really needs a good vacuuming. But its my space and its where i do my best thinking. I think we all need that. Dont you?

<3 Thank you for reading.


  1. loveee these photos, so cute victoria :]
    you always find great steals... $6?! holy.. we need to go shopping together (it finally occurred to me that we never have.. haha)


  2. Lovely look and grat pictures!!

    My blog
    xoxo Michaela

  3. Great photos. I caught a few snippets of the Coachella live stream on Youtube over the weekend. Not quite the same as being there, but pretty handy when there's an ocean between you and the festival haha.

  4. Love your dress <3



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