Helplessness Blues

by Fleet Foxes (who i saw in concert this weekend! eep! soo good!)

What I Wore:

Skirt: Salvation Army $3
Top: Friend
Sandals: Ross $16

I recently revieved a whole box of jewelry! I'm supa supa excited! Theres so much randomly amazing things! I don't even know where to start. I've always been low on accessories so its amazing to finally have tons of things to finish all my outfits!!!

My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has the past and future. I feel like i have probably already done this recently. But I'm so sick of it. Thinking about it makes me go insane! All the things i did that i'm not too proud of and all the random events that happened that well, just kind of sucked. I really want to stop thinking about it. And with things like people, especially, I'm always thinking "oh shoot i really wish i didn't do that" or "i could have handled that situation better" and it just kind of brings me back to this place where i just dont really want to be. A place where i'm living in the past, regretting, and wishing i didn't do and say the things i did. So with that in mind lately I've been just kind of thinking "you know what, screw you" I don't care about what said then. It doesnt matter. I don't care how i felt then. It doesnt matter. Part of me has always kind of been that way. Having no feelings for what used to be and just moving on suddenly and fast. I don't think people really get it though when i do it. When i get sick of someone or get tired of dealing with them i just put them on this shelf of my past and dont ever go back to look at it. I kind of like it that way! Hehe. ANYWAY. What i'm trying to say is, the past is the past and thats where i want to keep it. Screw everyone elses feeling about it and what i did and whatever. Its in the past and the future is coming quickly. And I'm really looking forward to it. I don't want to sound full of myself or anything. But I really like the person I've grown to be and am still growing to be. I like how much i've changed since freshment year or even middle school. I'm not scared anymore to wear what i want to school. I've finally found my style and what I like to wear and what i feel good in, never minding what others around me are wearing. I've found out what I'm passionate about and am sticking with it. I'm there for people who need me, like my mom and stuff, and know the right things from the wrong. I like how I don't do anything I'm not really comfortable with. Freshmen year and even a month or a few weeks ago i would tell myself that I wasn't against certain things and would do them if everyone else was because i didn't want to seem like a priss. But hell to that! I am a priss! AND I'M PROUD! Anways, I like who I am now and who I'm turning into. I guess I just cant wait to see what the future has in store. And what i have in store for it. I think we should all take this moment to say goodbye to the past. And hello to what is coming.

Here are some pictures of things/people/places/times I'm really into right NOW.

<3 Thanks for reading


  1. awesome skirt and incredible price, only 3$ wow!
    i like the picture of this band performing!


  2. I can totally relate to this post. I do exactly the same thing with people if you feel you've outgrown them, you leave them in the past and never look back. Your about me section is adorable! I am glad I found your blog, now following :)


  3. Cute outfit! I like the skirt :-)

    My blog
    xoxo Michaela

  4. trop bien ce post!
    j'adore les photos!


  5. I am so in love with your skirt, only $3!!? What a bargain! x

  6. Hello there :) I've just found your blog and it's been a pleasure reading it! I really love your skirt - its texture is gorgeous and it was SO cheap (lucky you!).

    Hugs and I wish you a wonderful day :*

  7. Cute outfit, you have an awesome blog, keep it up <3 XOXO

  8. ♥ unreal. love your blog.)) ♥

  9. SO JEALOUS OF THE SUN + YOU LOOK GORGEOUS. Loveeee the spinning photos! SO FUN.

    And, yes - we tend to dwell on the past. It's in the past, nothing can be changed. Definitely look only at the future!



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