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MuSick: Distraction #74 by The Avett Brothers (favorite song as of now)

So today we went to this trail near my house that looks over the ocean and is very very pretty, and they set up tons and tons of American flags, each representing someone who died in war and had their name on a ribbon on each. So we took pictures:

so many picshaaas
(photo cred to eden)

blazer: Target $10???
shorts: walmart $10????
Button up: salvation army $2
Shoes: salvation army $3

Tomoro my friends and i are going on a tour of the Art Institute, that shall be fun and exciting! Also, the world is going to end tomoro so a farewell post to you all! Its been loving making blog posts and lovely reading your blog posts! But a time has come for us to say farewell to those who are going to heaven. And for those of you who are not, I will see you in our quest to battle the demons/zombies, whatever it is the bible says, here on earth.


My Floating Balloon: Today my balloon has the world. OH yeah! My balloon is THAT big! Well, lets start with a simple statement. The world is big. Bigger then anything in the world! hahaha. And there is so much in it that we may never ever ever get to see, which, if you think about it, is really sad! I may never meet the people who have influenced my life so heavily and I may never go to countries whose ideas were brought to mine! Its that feaking big! The world is big enough to crush all our hopes and dreams! Literally. Its Bigger then your mama! (i had to go there). What I am trying to say is that.....well.....what am i trying to say? I guess that the world is so huge and yeah, whatever, you may never get to meet Johnny Flynn or Katy Perry, but hey! There are still so many great things in there that you can easily reach. And if not, then remember a little effort goes a long way. Sometimes the best things in the world are the ones you have to strive for. So I guess what I am really tyring to say is the world may be big but I am sure if you are devoted to something enough, that dream may be even bigger.  <3 Thanks for Reading


  1. that a great idea for paying respects, and the area you live in looks beautiful! palm trees, sunshine ... I am very jealous, doll! xo

  2. lovely lovely area. i can't wait to go and take pictures too... WOMAN WE NEED A PHOTOSHOOT TOGETHER!!
    btw... i LOVE the posts below.. ifeel bad for not checking but they're AMAZING. esp. the black maxi skirt, what a steal

  3. BTW. i am so friggin obsesed with little bit right now you have no idea. i cant wait to see the show!!

  4. wow, what a great idea, love your pics

    xx claudia


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